Singapore I’ve Missed You

(Update: Of all of the random stuff I've done over the years somehow it's this that gets featured on Mothership and The New Paper) Before I came back to Singapore I pledged to myself that I would write at least once a week. Seeing as how Summer is more than 2/3 over and I still haven't written anything that hasn't quite worked out for me. Never too late to start though. Since I decided not to expand the golden coffers of SIA by flying back home last christmas, this summer marks the first time I've stepped on Singapore soil in [...]

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Let’s Play A Game

I have practically no homework this week. I’m still waiting for a talking bunny in a top hat to bounce over and tell me I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, but for now I shall do my best to appreciate this astronomically unlikely freedom and do another update. When I was making a transition from my old website to my current one, I realized that the move to a fresh site afforded me the opportunity to narrow the focus of my postings. To focus on my blob comics for example, or devote my time to writing about the amusing (although [...]

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Where No One Knows My Name (a.k.a. Spring Break in Boston)

Day 0 Weeks of preparation and planning (in which I did almost absolutely nothing besides research for good food) had come and gone, and it was finally time for our much anticipated Spring Break trip to the Land of the Lobster Roll. Recognizing that our mutual fondness for sleeping might cause us to miss our early morning flight, we gathered in K-Dawg's Crib to party the night away with food and games till it was time for us to catch our 3am cab to the airport. Loading up the ole playstation 1 emulator on my laptop, we took turns engaging [...]

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You Learn Something New Everyday

Today I learned three things. 1) Durian flesh is yellow, not green. (Roughly one year from the day I learned that milo, despite its green packaging, is not in fact green.) 2) If a giant insect flies into my shirt I will jump up and down on my bed and scream like a little girl. 3) My computer speakers emit a loud squealing noise whenever its wire comes into contact with my skin. In deference to the noble and dignified tradition of scientific inquiry, I spent the 5 mins following that discovery repeatedly assaulting myself with the speaker jack. The [...]

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You’re never too old to throw someone into a wall

Well it's been a week since my last proper post, and if I wish to keep to my new resolution to update this place once a week I have less than 24 hours to do so. So I shall do a brief posts on the exciting happenings of the last week. 1) I went to Malacca Since my family trip to Taiwan has been cancelled due to the typhoon there, our family decided to organize another trip to Malacca instead. We ate, we shopped, we ate some more and that was pretty much it really. It was the epitome of [...]

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New Template!

I've finally done it. Despite years of resistance and inertia, I've finally taken the huge leap of changing both my facebook profile picture and my blogger template. Some of you traditionalists out there might be frothing at the mouth that I've so casually disregarded my Web heritage, but after keeping the same basic blog template for 5 years, not to mention sticking to the same 15 year old photo of myself as my single profile pic since the day I first pondered the grisly implications of a book full of faces, I think I've done my dues to loyalty, tradition [...]

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An-arbitrary-number-that-will-probably-end-up-being-a-nice-round-number-like-10 things I learned in the US (Continued)

And I'm back! To continue the post I left off sometime last month. If you haven't read it yet you can read it here. Or you know, just scroll down. An-arbitrary-number-that-will-probably-end-up-being-a-nice-round-number-like-10 things I learned in the US (Continued). 6) Clubbing is pretty much the same thing everywhere you go. Having attended the vaunted activity known as clubbing in both Singapore and the US, I have come to the conclusion that it's pretty much the same activity no matter where you go. With all my years of clubbing experience (amounting to 5 times over 5 years) I've been subjected to depraved [...]

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An-arbitrary-number-that-will-probably-end-up-being-a-nice-round-number-like-10 things I learned in the US

Hello people, it's been a while. I sit here now in my dorm room at CMU, typing my first post as a college student. Those who know me know that I usually only blog in moments of inspiration or sheer boredom, and I would like to clarify that the reason I am typing this entry now is purely due to a love for writing and nothing to do with my being locked out of my dorm room for the past 2 hours after leaving my wallet inside and closing the door. It has been remarked to me by many people, [...]

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Party Rockers in the House Tonight

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, and with both parents in China and my brother at a scouts camp, I had the entire house to myself. Naturally I made a few calls to the Scam bros. "Hey bros, I have the whole house to myself for the next three days. No adults around... No one to supervise us... Are you dudes thinking what I'm thinking...?" "Hehehe..."   Five hours later:   Rather than the drug-fuelled, alcoholic rave party we were supposed to hold as respectable youths of our generation, we ended up belting out various Taylor Swift songs while dancing [...]

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The Joys of Teaching

Most of the time, teaching classes is quite a pleasure. I get to share fun facts, interact with children and command the only people who will probably still listen to me around. The marking may be a chore, but I generally look forward to the classes themselves. This was not the case when I was asked to take a Pri 5 science class on Reproduction. You see, drawing on my knowledge of what 11 year old kids are like, this was what I imagined the class would be like: Me: "Good morning class, I'm Mr. Oh and today I will [...]

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