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/Ultimate Battle

In my random moments of day dreaming during class, I like to imagine fictional characters righting it out and mentally debating with myself who would win. This is the result of that day dreaming and my reluctance to study for finals. As an aside, this is how I think such a battle would go:

Snoopy mauls Rainbow Dash.

Harry Potter screams “DIE PETER PETTIGREW” and murders Sorcerer Mickey.

Ichigo and Cloud forego fighting in favour of a nice afternoon comparing different brands of hair products.

The Megazord splits into his five zords. Optimus Prime attempts to do the same and dismembers himself.

I have no idea who would win in a fight between Po and Pooh. That falls outside of my brain’s ability to process things rationally.

Barney tries to give Godzilla a Hu-hu-hu-hug and gets fried. He then spends his last moments teaching us the importance of friendship, love and imagination.

Darth Vader gets pummeled by Superman before telling him he is his father. They then go off on a family vacation to the Bahamas.

The Avatar defeats the guy from Avatar. I love puns.

Pikachu does thundershock on Leonardo and it’s Super Effective.

Goku spends the entire fight standing in one spot and screaming really loudly. Ryu gets bored and leaves.

Batman wins. Batman always wins.

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