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Hello world, everyone seems to be asking me to blog, so here I am again, sparing what little free time I now have to satisfy your needs. Today, instead of posting about some random occurence in my life, i shall rant about colour. This can be summarised in a simple yet sweet statement:Colour is some bomb.Of course bear in mind that I am slightly prejudiced against colour, being colour-blind in the first place. Throughout my short and sweet tenure on this world of colour, many happy incidents have resulted as a consequence of that.Incident 1:December 2004We had just finished our [...]

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Hello folks, super rushed for time these days so i have practically no time to blog. Ah well, ill keep this super short then, just took some Sex ID test over the net, which was considerable better then the one we took for GP, which told me that I am apparently as feminine as Audrey Hepburn and as manly as Clint Eastwood, and which had questions like:"Talking about cars, "camber" refers to?""The colour ocher is most similiar to..."=.="I somehow can't imagine a young teen boy thinking to himself:"Crap, I didn't know that camber refers to the angle at which tires [...]

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hey world, im back again. currently tio owned by lack of sleep, and am surviving now purely on the fact that red bull gives you wings. most of that time was spent on choreoing dance as well as finishing drawing that infernal map. Getting owned along with me is px, who has to man colour the map by tomorrow, minus da red bull. Some (wo)Man.Along with mappinness, is the other bomb in my life, scouts. Had quite alot of fun choreoing the Sec 1 Dance, all the gl moves like front claw, awakening... Royce spent one day camping at my [...]

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Hey people, wash away your sorrows for i have returned from my long absence from the blogosphere, to entertain you once again with the merry exploits of the Oh family. Been relatively busy this past week what with scouts, art and what not, thus explaining my long absence. Hmm, lets see, what happened over the week.Art, scouts and sleep.Kk, that about sums it up for now, lets turn to stuff other then my boring social life. Currently being spammed by people asking me to do their "test of friendship quiz" , think its time for me to make my own. [...]

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Hello everyone, this will probably be my shortest ever post since i don't really have that much time to blog. A few choice amusing things happened today.Today morning i woke up to thunder lightning and rain. Grabbed a sweater and hobbled down mount braddell, getting my feet drenched in the process since the roads were flooded due to a clogged drainage system. That was particularly irritating. When u have to spend 15 mins climbing up a stupid mountain everyday the least you expect it to do is be less flooded then ground a 100 metres below it.Tried to print stuff [...]

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Hello everyone once again, Here to give a short post on the up and coming events of today. My godsister, Deoon Heng is coming over, whom i know my laodi has a crush on. Ok fine, think he has a crush on. Suspect he has a crush on? Ok fine, I don't know the name of any other girl he knows so she will have to do. (Btw, my brother's names are Oh Chin Ying and Oh Chin Yu, all same initials. =.=")Two weeks ago they were merrily playing the card game STRESS in the room when their family was [...]

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Greetings. I have been gone from the blogosphere for a grand total of 5 days, and today I make my grand return. Yay.Now that your rapturous applause has ended, i shall go on with a brief description of what happened in the past 5 days.SaturdayIt was time for jobweek again, that once a year event where scouts go around the island badgering various people for jobs and contributions. As usual, every year we get a whole sackful of strange jobs, ranging from choosing 4D numbers, running to the roof and doing a cheer and chasing a cat away from a [...]

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Hello again, After an abscence of one day, I'm here to blog again. Today at long last is the last day of the term, doesnt really feel like one term has passed by though, still sort of in the start of school mood. Sat in class for the last time with some people today, haiz, quite sad, our class getting smaller and smaller...Today was the day of our whART exhibition, spent my break findng all the random artworks and pasting the labels, found out that Mr Chia is a very liberal user of blue tack and that 50% of the [...]

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Hello all, this is getting to be quite a habit. Hmmm, doesnt take up much time anyway, and tis quite cathartic actually. Our class seemed super small today, as 4 ppl were missing. Haiz, so sad, 6ppl might be leaving our class...Today started out as any normal school day did. I left the house late, chionged down mount braddel and arrived in school just before the bell. The only difference being i woke up early this time round, but just as i was printing some stuff from my com it crashed. After which i dashed to my brother's com, which [...]

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Imbaness, i wonder how long i can keep this up. 3 posts in 3 days. Woke up late again today (as usual) at around 7:20. For the people who live in the decrepit distant wastelands of singapore its not my fault i live opposite RJ while you stay across changi airport. Chionged to school as usual, met some interesting person who refused to let me walk in front of him. No matter how fast i brisked walked he would walk faster =.=" Haha, competitiveness to the max. His 2.4 must be some imba.Spent math lesson mugging for GP test today [...]

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