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Hey again, i wonder how long i can keep this up. 2 posts in 2 days. I have a feeling this blog will stagnate soon. Ah well, might as well post more while im still enthu. Woke up late today, had to run down the stupid hill i live on and chiong to Rj without bathing or breakfasting. It sux living on top of a hill in the middle of a insect infested forest.nothing much to post today so i guess ill just do one of those quizzes that no one ever reads.This looks interesting, some 7 sins thing.WRATH.1. Who [...]

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At long last under the badgering of various friends, i have created a blog. Bear in mind this shall not be a just a place for perennial posting about the events in my life, but more a collection of random musings. hmm, where shall we start...Today was a relaxing day, actually got around to do some fun drawings. Art has been quite zibeish of late, looking at all the imba rg ppl. Especially some people who can somehow create some super nice watercolour landscape on their first try... thanks arh. I zibei. Ah well, always can train more. Daigor has [...]

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