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Hello folks, im back. At the rate things are going, if i don't blog now my internet will probably die, my computer start smoking and my house explode. This tale begins, as all tales do, with the letter T.It was a glorious morning, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and all seemed right with the world. Went to school, spent the whole day folding a Kawasaki origami rose that took around 3 hours to complete, before i departed on my journey to deliver the campfire souveniors to Pierce and Beatty secondary school. In the canteen i met Ge, [...]

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Hello all. Shall not be blogging as usual this week. Too busy. by and by, been a fun week, had a great time yesterday going for piano ensemble plus random walking around after tt, havent enjoyed myself so much in a long while. Saw a shocking, different, feminine side of some people. Of course the fact that they were female in the first place....Ah well, I shall prepare to be whacked on monday. tata.

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Hello folks, currently tan huaning now in front of my com while the butterflies in my stomach engage in nuclear war. In the midst of recovering from some imba manly illness that has owned me for the past 4 days. Lets recount the full story shall we.ThursdayIt was 3 am in the morning and being the hardworking guai boy that i am i had just completed my art project and was deciding whether to do some final revision for physics test or go and sleep. Well, in truth i spent a mere 30 minutes on the project and 2 plus [...]

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Hey people, i have decided to break the monotony and not start with hello for once. Today was an interesting day, my NOKIA handphone, stylish, simple and simply great to use, woke me up from my deep slumber, mostly thanks to KING COIL, their beds are mmmm just heaven to sleep on. Walked to school listening to my CREATIVE mp3 player, with its ergonomic design and easiness of use, listening becomes pleasure redefined. During break, i chose to buy a drink. But what should it be? LIPTON'S ice lemon tea with its refreshing flavour? YEOS soya bean drink, milk, taste, [...]

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