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Hello people. This is just a short and simple post to announce that I, ohcy, shall be taking a hiatus from blogging. As you may have been noticed, i really have nothing to blog about these days. So, unless u really enjoy listening to me describing the exhilarating story of paint drying (in my 16 dollars pants no less) there is no real point in me blogging now. Go on then, scurry back to your mundane/highly interesting lives, and don't ask me why I've stopped blogging, which actually, if you weren't doing in the first place there would be no [...]

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Hello people, its been a while. Time for another update. Went to queue up for Harry Potter on Friday, found many people who seemed to think dressing up as loony and going "its the nargles!" would promote any reaction other then =.=" In other news, on the behest of a friend I walked into some shop called SASA to buy lip gloss. Sigh, to have descended so low. As to be expected, the sight of a 16 year old manly male teen walking into a frilly pink shop to buy lip gloss raised many stares from the general public, girls [...]

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Hello folks, yes its that time of the month again when I'm too bleargh to do a proper post and bored enough to actually go blog. I thus present to you the monthly Ask ohcy column, where i shall answer quizzes from various blogs because I'm a lazy sloth and can't be bothered to go find my own.Lubbed this from Jane's blog.1. The phone rings. Who do you want it to be?Superman2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your trolley?I'm a guy. The only shopping i do is limited to 7-11 and hardware shops.3. If you had [...]

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Hello folks, after a long absence I'm once again grace your computer screens. Haven't had anything to blog about in a long while, and still don't actually, but I'm bored stiff anyway so might as well do a normal post for once.In recent news my dreams of a monosyllabic AAAA score for CTs is now but dust in the wind, and I'm reduced to praying for at least BBBC. Sadness. Getting back my first paper tomorrow, praying for an A, but looking at the scores of some of my friends classes and my predilection for carelessness..... Sigh, enough talk about [...]

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