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Today, the 29th of February, is Superman's 70th birthday. Happy Birthday Superman.I hope I still look like that at the ripe old age of 70, assuming of course, that I look like that at the age of 25. You know, a little exercise, a little steak, a little plastic surgery, a ton or so of protein powder and steroids and anything's possible.One can dream.

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Hello people. Tis I, ohcy, back from the chocolate laden indulgences of valentines day, here to blog because that's what Superman would do.YesterdayAh, valentines day, a day of love, happiness and empty wallets. This year, I have officially decided that I shall not be part of this overly commercialized and meaningless holiday, and I say this because I am just too lazy/busy to actually go and buy stuff. Besides, I find the theory that a baby in diapers decides my every crush a wee bit repulsive. Oh, and have you ever noticed that cupid when reversed spells out dipuc?hmmmm......All in [...]

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Hello dudes and happy chinese new year. Celebrate for the time has come again when we embrace the bounty of chinese cultural goodies bestowed upon us on this happy day, a.k.a the ang paos and the snacks. Slept at a rather monstrous hour doing my art assignment, and I know this because a certain nocturnal creature of the night fell asleep before me, a remarkable and rare occurrence that will probably never happen again save for copious amounts of red bull. To all art students out there: jiayou for art assignment, and try not to feel too sad that I [...]

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