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What bored people do during GP.Presenting: Hey there Delilah - a parody.HEY THERE MIKE TEAVEEHey, its Survivor,let's continue watching TV,I haven't left this filthy couch,since the 1970s.Oh wait I have.But boy those bathroom breaks were fast,I didn't batheHey its The Bachelor,watching this show makes me cry.I have only had a single date,since poor old momma died,ten years ago...And that date was with a ho,she paid to go.Oh, it's what you do to me.Oh, it's watching you TV.Oh, it's what you do to me.Oh, reality TV.Addicted to TV.Hey look its idol,I think Randy's really cute,Paula Abdul is a sycophant,and Ryan makes [...]

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Hello people, I dunno why I'm blogging now but somehow I just feel like it. That and insomnia. Life seems quite aimless now, like some mindless amalgamation of coursework and stoning. For the past week I've been sort of floating in a post CT academic paralysis bliss, though admittedly that bliss has been tainted by my efforts to shove Blue's Clues closer to the 50% mark. Brighten one's day, being owned by a pig does not. Well the half year mark has passed and prelims ( as lorraine so kindly reminds us) is a mere 46 days away, so the [...]

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