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 (Disclaimer: I did not write this post. Lorry requested access to my blog for reasons that are now apparent to me. Haha, but it's a nice post. Thanks lorry. ) this is an epic story about a boy. a hardworking boyhmm maybe not. a sleepy boy.a dirty boy (on his way to the shower after monotyping overnight)a sleepy dirty boywho can be quite shybut we must say he has some strange spastic friends (thoughtful looking jon)and he lives ridiculously near to sch. which seems rather unfair right? (biennale 08)but its ok. we all know you can't have everything/colour in life. (drawing [...]

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Hi people. I'm going where the sun shines too much, I face the ground too often to care and pixels are the new black. The grass is greener on the other side, and so will everything else so no worries about any pseudo lorries questioning my colour sensibilities at least. I am officially downgrading from the Little Red Dot to its pimple tomorrow, so expect to see me in 2 weeks plus needing yun nam hair treatment and Loy's mythical SPF 130 sun lotion, a handy tool I'm sure if I'm ever in urgent need of something to deflect laser [...]

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