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Chinese New Year

(Lol, I wrote this post three months ago but just never posted it. Found it while clearing my blog archives and decided I might as well upload it now. For all the people who only visit this site once every 3 months, pretend this message doesn't exist.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello one and all. As a safeguard against my debilitating memory, I have decided to do a quarterly log of anything especially memorable that might have happened over those 3 months. One might argue I suppose, that it's the most memorable events that least need safeguarding against memory loss, but I assure [...]

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Quest for the PSS – Round 2

Hello people, I've returned from my blogging hiatus once again. To all my batch mates out there, it has come to my attention that Arr Jay See has recently decided to enforce its rules and regulations a wee more strictly. Teachers take attendance at every lecture for everyone, cycling and blading are now banned in school, not handing in assignments is a white slip offence and food can no longer be consumed in class. It occurs to me now that if they had been secretly enforcing these rules during my time in school, I would probably have garnered enough white [...]

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