Hi people. I’m going where the sun shines too much, I face the ground too often to care and pixels are the new black. The grass is greener on the other side, and so will everything else so no worries about any pseudo lorries questioning my colour sensibilities at least. I am officially downgrading from the Little Red Dot to its pimple tomorrow, so expect to see me in 2 weeks plus needing yun nam hair treatment and Loy’s mythical SPF 130 sun lotion, a handy tool I’m sure if I’m ever in urgent need of something to deflect laser fire. Not exactly scintillating with excitement at present though I’m sure that’ll come to pass the moment I shoot my first bullet, hopefully to a location nowhere near the general vicinity of my heart, kidney or spleen. A toast then to husband and wifles, green as the new black and a new appreciation for pop.

Tata people. A is for Airborne.

Man in Army


P.S. Hello Daigor, congratulations on finally making it out of army. I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself these last few days reminding me exactly how few my last few days are. Good luck for all future pursuits, and I hope that you pass your driving test. Don’t worry too much though, I don’t think many people fail on their first try.

Cheerios, laodi.

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