Ode to a Friend – Dedicated to Royce Zong

Every time I see your face,
I doubt you’re of the human race,
So were you always born that way
Or were you bludgeoned by a mace

You rabid dog, you mindless gnoll,
your less a man, than mountain troll,
and your student ID card,
could be a poster for birth control

Your dumb and dumberer, mashed with fool
An amoeba could count your IQ
Evolution’s gone insane
Or god is being really cruel

We should just harvest your organs
You’ve been brain dead since conception
And you better pray to god
you never meet a vegetarian

You’re a curl, a pig, a spineless knave
and Darwin’s turning in his grave
and if you drowned this very morning
then your wallet would be all I’d save

Every time I look at you
(which I try hard not to do)
I’d wish I was double O seven
For then I’d have license to kill

If king kong’s big, then you’re the bigger
You’d make a whale look like a grouper
On the moon, I ‘d have to venture
Just to take, your passport picture

Euthanasia’s for the common good,
and I would do so if I could
And people round you touch your head,
If ever they need say touch wood



To royce: Notice I left out some of the more interesting content I could have used, and give thanks. 🙂

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