Hello people, i have returned after that not so long hiatus. Happy National Day people, tis the time to wave your little plastic flags and sing those corny at any other time Singapore songs before cynicism overtakes us for another year. Go Singapore! Now that I have fulfilled the mandatory requirements of patriotism, lets move on to the other happenings of the week.


All of us were celebrating the start of the long holiday and were eagerly anticipating the concert later. Sister Grace on the other hand, was celebrating something else with even greater enthusiasm, although none of us knew why. On a totally unrelated side note Mr Cheong came back for GP lesson that day.

After school ended a bunch of them came over to crash my house, though Sister Grace was ostensibly missing. Probably at the staffroom consulting someone on GP. Sister Grace, we salute your determination. To your studies I mean. After tromping all the way up Mount Braddell, most of them suddenly decided they would rather play in the playground, leaving jon and ben to battle it out on my PS2.

Played with all the normal stuff on the playground, though everyone seemed to clamour for the swing. Woe be us, two 9 year old girls were already swinging and refused to get off for the guys, only letting the girls swing. They were even telling feminist jokes.

Girl 1: “How many guys does it take to change a light bulb?”
Girl 2: “None, the girls can do it on their own”

This of course, made Miss Loy very happy and she quickly accepted both of them into her “Girls rule, Boys drool” club. Joshua on the other hand, seemed a lot more angst. I was indifferent. I mean, if you want to change my light bulb so badly then please by all means do. I’ll just make myself a hot cocoa, laze on the sofa and watch.

Eventually though, Edith returned after a walk around my estate and we all left the playground. Naturally Joshua was muttering under his breath about naughty girls and selfish swingers all the way up. I on the other hand, fail to see what’s so bad about naughty girls.

We soon returned to school, where 6R swiftly cemented its reputation as laggiest class in the school. It was 6:35 already and I felt a rather large sense of urgency as we were supposed to be at track at 6:30. Teachers and councilors were buzzing around asking everyone to leave, but naturally most of 6R was still gathered around the canteen tables chatting. Soon enough, most of the people had left and we were still stoning at the canteen tables. Just as I thought we couldn’t be anymore lag, Ben merrily appeared touting several bowls of mee siam.

Ben: “wait wait. there’s alot more food coming.”


Figures that our class would be the only class to lag in eating when every other class was lagging in leaving.

Had concert after that, went supper, went home. Nothing very interesting.


I woke up. I lived. I went back to sleep. Yay.


Ice skating with Art class! Whee. Met up with Yen, Ge and Ben for skating. Surprisingly Yen and Ben both picked it up very fast, unlike another associate of mine whom I shall not mention. After skating for 45 mins, my feet hurt likeabomb, and I stopped out of sheer pain. Once I stopped and sat down, the problem became obvious and I switched the shoes on my feet. In my defense its a mistake anyone could have made, albeit during kindergarden.

Went to crash Ge’s house after that, watched tv and played with her hamsters. Lorraine came over as well and got mauled by a rather vicious hamster who tried to bite her finger off, splattering blood on Ge’s couch. Poor couch. Reacting instantly, she flung the hamster off her finger where it crash landed in some corner of the room. Poor hamster. Ge took a long while to find it too. Poor Ge.

Ge soon had to leave so we all tramped off, and I took a bus back with Yen, who made me promise along the way to blog about the whole fiesta.

Rather bomb busy.


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