Hello people. This is just a short and simple post to announce that I, ohcy, shall be taking a hiatus from blogging. As you may have been noticed, i really have nothing to blog about these days. So, unless u really enjoy listening to me describing the exhilarating story of paint drying (in my 16 dollars pants no less) there is no real point in me blogging now. Go on then, scurry back to your mundane/highly interesting lives, and don’t ask me why I’ve stopped blogging, which actually, if you weren’t doing in the first place there would be no need for this post. Fret not, for all I know laodi might sprout an extra head tomorrow or my tutorials magically finish themselves, but alas things rarely go as such, no matter how badly we might need them to. Expect to see me back in a few weeks, unless inspiration suddenly strikes me like one hour later in which case ill do this sort of posts more often.

On an interesting side note, I have just been sent a email from the Lingerie Dept. Manly as i am, what need have I for lingerie. I should probably be polite and reply that they’ve sent it to the wrong person. Sigh, that means I’ll have to open the mail to thoroughly check its contents first. All that girly unmanly lingerie draped around girly unmanly models. Ah well, the sacrifices we manly men make.



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