Hello people, its been a while. Time for another update. Went to queue up for Harry Potter on Friday, found many people who seemed to think dressing up as loony and going “its the nargles!” would promote any reaction other then =.=” In other news, on the behest of a friend I walked into some shop called SASA to buy lip gloss. Sigh, to have descended so low. As to be expected, the sight of a 16 year old manly male teen walking into a frilly pink shop to buy lip gloss raised many stares from the general public, girls and guys alike, though its the latter group that concerns me more, for reasons best left unsaid.

To make matters worse, every product had a disgustingly girly name. In any other situation i would have no opposition to that, but the fact that I had to buy them changes things somewhat. I wish they had cooler names. Somehow I wouldn’t mind buying Adamantium Silver or Optimus Prime blue as much as pretty butterfly rainbow starry flower crystalline pink. On a side note, i had no money so i had to make a purchase with nets, which my mum checks every so often, though I’ll suppose I’ll know exactly when when my parents start switching laodi to a mix school, and daigor finally admits kinship with me.

Queuing up was quite fun, interesting experience to say the least. Though certain people with no life insisted upon during their math tutorials while waiting instead of chatting and having fun, leaving me bored out of my wits at those times. Sigh, who does math tutorial at such a time lar. No childhood.

Soon 7:01 approached, and the festivities started. Some cheer leading group went around cheering and people dressed as harry potter characters started walking around, though its the cheer leading that amused me more. Lets give an actual cheer they used:

H-A-R-Y (this is not a typo)
Harry Potter is the one!

Repeat infinitum.

I am once again amazed at the creativity and lyrical exquisiteness of such a cheer, clearly influenced by works such as I Am So Very Tired by Jerry Loy.

Left for scouts after that, had mini Olympics where I discovered a new found respect for referees.

Kk, extremely busy these days so I shan’t post more. Perhaps another day then. Tata for now, don’t expect to see me soon. If you’re sian go play this.

Fun stuff.

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