Hello folks, after a long absence I’m once again grace your computer screens. Haven’t had anything to blog about in a long while, and still don’t actually, but I’m bored stiff anyway so might as well do a normal post for once.

In recent news my dreams of a monosyllabic AAAA score for CTs is now but dust in the wind, and I’m reduced to praying for at least BBBC. Sadness. Getting back my first paper tomorrow, praying for an A, but looking at the scores of some of my friends classes and my predilection for carelessness….. Sigh, enough talk about dismal CT results, lets recount the happy post CT breaks.

My CTs officially ended on Thursday and i went to mope around in the artroom for a while after dying for physic. Met 2 of my classmates on the way, and left with a new found respect for CLL poetry. Afterwards Royce crashed my house, where we spent a merry few hours destressing after CTs in PS2 combat.

First up was some fighter pilot game, admittedly not exactly the best choice of game when your depressed over gravitation, circular motion and the eminent demise of your career as the next Einstein, sans the hair. True enough, gravity ended up doing most of my work for me as more often than not he suicide bombed his plane into some mountain. Gallantly interpreting this as depression over his Common Tests, I chose not to pursue the subject and shot him down a few more times for good measure. They say you can never have too much help. A few games later the score was tending towards a linear asymptote but I shall be nice and not reveal who was on the receiving end.

Next up was DIGIMON RUMBLE ARENA 2, a game in which he faired no better than before. In the end though we gave up the pointlessness (once again i shall be nice and not say why) of one to one battles and had some imba hard battle against some omega boss digimon. After many tries and hard fought battles, our teamwork was honed to perfection. With a great leap my Garurumon flew over the enemy, freezing him with a well timed Arctic Breath while Royce followed up with a damaging cat claw. (i wonder who has the cooler move) In an acrobatic display that would leave you breathless, we twirled and whirled, and in the final move I did a combo attack, freezing him, while royce then leap in for the kill, grabbing him and throwing off the stage.

With a exultant roar he turned to me, face ecstatic and both hands raised for the high five. Ignoring him, i walked over and threw his character off the stage as well.


Of course it pretty much went downhill from there and it was only many games later whne we had finally restrained our team killing impulses that we owned the monster. I’m sure all the girls (and some guys) out there have fallen asleep at the sight of the word Digimon, so i shall move on to other things.

Friday itself I had a mixture of class outing and scouts outing, though by sheer coincidence/bad luck i never did meet up with the scouts even though we were both having outing in the same place. Had fun watching Miss Paradox Loy try the para para machine, though that fun was extremely short lasted considering the length of time she played before the game booted her out. Ironic how hands that can beat some imba drum beat are reduced to uncoordinated quivering masses of jelly in the face of a para para machine, though admittedly she improved a lot when we played later at night again.

Next went to watch the girl who leaped through time, quite a imba movie, though i had to endure a certain someone ranting about how the lead character could suddenly get an extra time leap charge when they were none left.

She made quite alot of sense actually. After all, seeing as how leaping through time is such a normal and totally realistic occurance anyway, they should try to keep the whole movie coherent to logic and reality.


We went to go play pool after that, where i suffered a crushing defeat to the guys in my class. Lost in the team game as well, although that isn’t totally my fault, since pool generally isn’t meant to be played like dodge ball in the first place. As to who did that i shall (for the third time) be nice and not mention who. : )

This isn’t exactly the most interesting post, so i shall not bore you with the other details. Had scouts hike the next day before once again going to play pool, this time with Royce. I shall not comment on the results but i shall smile. :)))

Actually it was very close lar, with a bit of carelessness here and there cementing the victory. Other than that nothing much to blog about.

Had Ice Skating the next day, where i arrived 30 mins early, while someone arrived 90 mins late. I shall once again not reveal who but by now i suppose it isn’t hard to guess. As much as i want to deny it though the sad truth is that upon looking at the pristine beauty of the pallid ice, and the grace and splendor of the skaters, the first thing i thought of was the the tetrahedral arrangement of H20 molecules in ice and the enthalpy of fusion. It was only many moments later that my brain took notice of the fact that one of the skaters was quite hot.

Once again, sigh.

I thus conclude that I’ve been spending too much time in my own company mugging (even though my results may not show it), and as wonderful, desirable and pleasant as such company is I probably need to get out more before I start spouting Klingon.

All in all, it took one and a half hours of diligent effort (heidi) and diligent suanning (me) to finally teach ahem ahem how to (roughly) ice skate. Of course this was after much hard work and patience since at the start she moved around the ice like it was made of quicksand, a.k.a not at all.

After that was scouts, and other mundane stuff. Ironic that i have more to blog about before CTs than after it. Kk, even I’m growing bored writing this piece so probably the readers are asleep now. Tata for now, Toodles.

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