Hello folks, im back. At the rate things are going, if i don’t blog now my internet will probably die, my computer start smoking and my house explode. This tale begins, as all tales do, with the letter T.

It was a glorious morning, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and all seemed right with the world. Went to school, spent the whole day folding a Kawasaki origami rose that took around 3 hours to complete, before i departed on my journey to deliver the campfire souveniors to Pierce and Beatty secondary school. In the canteen i met Ge, who happened to have nothing to do as well so i just asked her to follow me. Of course i had to go make some inane remark along the lines of “I have nothing to blog about these days, my life not interesting at all”

Considering that being thrown of a 100 story building or into the Atlantic ocean on a frigid winter day are both pretty interesting things to happen, perhaps i should have been more appreciative of that fact.

Immediately of course i proceeded to reach into my pocket and feeling the Kawasaki rose, i thought it was scrapped paper and crushed it into pulp. (being manly does have its downsides)

Three times.

Luckily the workmanship was good and i could still repair it each time after some effort. On the way to beatty i decided to go home to drop of my bag first. Walking in, i showed Ge my brother’s room when lo and behold i heard this exclamation:



I seriously wonder what these people do after trainings. I bet they just gather round some bucket of mac ritchie water and tell stories.

Wise old canoe lady: “Gather around young one, for i have a tale to spin and a story to tell…..”

“Legends tell that long long ago there existed a pull-up bar………………….in a house”

Ge: “NO! Joking you must be!”

Wise old canoe lady: “And it was attached to a door!”

Ge: “NO! NO! Joking you must surely be!”

Wise old canoe lady: “And Dr Crowe is actually a ghost!”

Ge: *faints*

Lol, for some reason she didnt start doing 300 pull-ups on it. Too stunned liao. Maybe i’ll soon find a photo of my pull-up bar plastered on the canoeist board

“Indoor pull-up bar… Fact? Or Fiction?”

After I dropped of my stuff and i checked my mail, we left my house and began the journey.

And thus the saga began….


After going on a rescue mission to repair the rose, we set off for Beatty secondary school to deliver the first souvenior. After a ton of walking, we finally reached the place but came face to face with some super long fence. Peering in, i used my deductive skills, the direction the cars were travelling, the area with the greatest concentration of noise, the layout of the school, the location of the roads, the colours of the wind and the tail side of a 50 cent coin to decide we should go left. Ge on the other hand, insisted the gate was the other way. So of course i had to say:

“Im a scout. Trust me”

After walking through some knee high savanna for ages, we saw no gate in sight so i proceeded to ask some sec 1 guy playing basketball “where is the gate ar?”

sec 1 kid: “the other side”

It took a while, but the bleeding eventually stopped, my teeth were eventually found and Ge eventually calmed down. I hobbled off towards the main gate as the sec 1 boy ran away screaming from post apocalyptic fury Ge-hulk. I would say her skin turned green but seeing as thats how i normally see skin anyway the effect seems quite lost.

In the end, we walked through the knee length grass savanna again and eventually reached the school where i delivered the souvenior : a small scale coffin.

Auspicious indeed.

On an interesting side note, while walking to the school we encountered some secondary school girl who was wasnt wearing a skirt as per se a very thick belt. Sigh, teens these days… Lucky good teens like me still exist who never wear their skirts so short.

that concluded the initial part of the adventure and thus began:


With that inital part of the adventure over, we walked back to school for Ge to get her bag, and for me to withdraw some money. On the way there she decided to bath so i went to the pull-up bar to stone and do pull-ups. Met px along the way and i got to try banging the mythical LD drums for the first time.

Left for Pierce Secondary school shortly after that. Upon reaching the halfway stop at thomson rd where we were supposed to change bus…

ohcy: “shit shit shit, crap. where’s the coffin.”

At this point i was sweating like bomb and panicking liao, when what should i see but ge happily stuffing her hand into her bag trying to find it while grinning at me.

ge: “hahahaha, i dunno lei”

once again =.=””””””””

Optimism is a good trait and all but still….

immediately getting off the bus, we took a bus all they way back, spent 30 mins looking for the stupid thing, found it, and took a bus back. same as usual we reached thomson, changed a bus and were soon on our way to pierce when…. we missed the bus stop and got off one stop late.

i can practically hear all you people going “one stop only wad…” To better understand our predicament, i shall provide a rough map of the bus stop positions along the way. x= bus stop)

—————–> direction of travel

hmm, i wonder which bus stop we got off at.

After making the huge trek back to the school, i walked like 500 m to one gate only to see the sign: “Gate locked, please use other gate.” @#$!!#$… Walking all the way back, i made some huge detour again into some ulu path when i found the main gate, in all its rusty shiny locked splendour. #@$%!!#…. however, a nasty suspicion dawned upon as at tt point, as the school looked strangely deserted. Therefore, i proceeded to ask some security guard at the condo nearby.

ohcy: “Hello, is the school still in use?”

Sisco man: “No, move to other location liao”

ohcy: “Thank you”


We spent the next several minutes following that examining the finer points of the english language and throwing random coconuts around.

Finally, we called 100 Starhub directory service and got the proper address. This time, we were running out of time liao, so we took a taxi there. We had a good laugh on the taxi about how i should never again mention how boring my life was. Soon however, we reached the school, and I stepped out of the taxi alot happier, bounding along with light steps, though the fact that my wallet had just been emptied might have contributed to tt. While walking to the gate, Ge suddenly burst into a fit of laughter. thinking my poor compatriot had gone mad from the stress, i let her be and walked straight to the gate where i saw this:

I will never advertise Starhub again.

Checking the address once more, we realised the school had moved to like 400m away from the school we visited in the first place.

I would go “…” but this has gone beyond that. I would go =.=” , but that has been my expressio nfor the last 48 hours anyway. I would go “why me?”, but ge will just beat me up for saying “This is definately the correct school” while in the taxi. So instead, i shall just say the following words”

I am totally not going to ace my A levels.

A totally hot, rich supermodel with a great personality will never ever ever fall into my arms.

I do not have Jedi powers and a lightsaber.

It was too late to go to the real location, and im pretty sure upon reaching it i would have found a tree stump with a sign nailed to it saying: “We have moved to the Yugoslavia, any inconvenience is regretted” Taking a taxi to the Young Musician’s Society, we walked into the concert hall for the percussion concert, and thus begins:

Episode VI: Return of the Jerri

Percussion concert was interesting, though if you’ve been keeping your eyes open you’d have realise interesting can have many interpretations. I can sum up the whole concert in one sentence, and no one would disagree. The concert was damn GGXX.

Haha, it was interesting at times lar, sometimes random sounding, sometimes nice, a few mistake like sounding things here and there. and here i quote ge:

ohcy: “I can never tell if they’ve made a mistake or not. Since when do exploding firecrackers have a methodical beat anyway”

ge: “thats the beauty of it”

Cunning cunning. GGXX has my respect. Kudos goes to the folks who had to memorise 10 songs in 3 weeks, imba imba. Interesting seeing Jerry Loy act like an ox while giving some poor guy the evil eye as she banged on her drums in some 1v1 ox vs tiger song. i couldn’t tell who was the ox and who was the tiger but i presume they played to appearance rather than character.

I am so going to be killed for this on monday. Oh wait, its the holidays. Too bad Jerry.

The concert left me with alot of questions though, namely:

1)How does someone who can bang on the drums for 10mins in some complex sequence without missing a beat throw and catch a gong like she has pincers instead of hands.

2)How does someone so manly herself question the manliness of scouts.

Lumberjacks chop wood, sailors tie knots, and they are both manly men.

Scouts do both things.

I shall leave you the dignity of drawing the appropriate conclusion.

After the concert, gave out flowers, ate dinner, and walked home. That night i vowed, the sun will come out, tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that, tomorrow, will be, a better day.

So of course today my art project deleted itself, i banged my head into a tree and i stepped in some pot hole and injured my ankle wihle at mac ritchie.

Among others.


Whee, my parents are going overseas tomorrow morning for till thursday, and i just found out 2 hours ago when i overheard them talking about it. Apparently even my daigor who has been in army for the past week long knew about this. I bet they were placing bets as to whether i could go the whole duration without realising they weren’t in Singapore.

toodles. off to sleep. tata for now.

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