Hey people, i have decided to break the monotony and not start with hello for once. Today was an interesting day, my NOKIA handphone, stylish, simple and simply great to use, woke me up from my deep slumber, mostly thanks to KING COIL, their beds are mmmm just heaven to sleep on. Walked to school listening to my CREATIVE mp3 player, with its ergonomic design and easiness of use, listening becomes pleasure redefined. During break, i chose to buy a drink. But what should it be? LIPTON’S ice lemon tea with its refreshing flavour? YEOS soya bean drink, milk, taste, health and lip smacking goodness, all in one small packet for such an affordable price? Or NESTLE’S MILO, the drink of champions? Ah well, i shan’t bore you with the details but remember, if not for my HEWLETT PACKARD computer, WINDOWS XP software and STARHUB broadband connection, all of this would not be possible.

Sigh, my money is really running short these days. Someone suggest placing advertisements and product placements on my blog, but naahhh… that would be despicable.

On a totally unrelated side note, I can be contacted at ohcy@hotmail.com.

On an even more totally unrelated side note, all cheques to me (in the absolutely totally random event that someone should wish to do so) should be addressed to a Mr. Oh Chin Yang

Ah well, one can always try.

Tomorrow we’re having Patrol-n-Town for scouts. Since no scouts read my blog i think its safe to reveal that this year we’re changing it to Patrol-in-Down (position) We wanted to change it to Patrol-in-Frown but felt that that was too much of an understatement. Well maybe if excruciating-side splitting-agony rhymed with town……, at least that would be a more reasonable lie.

For starters, the starting checkpoint is somewhere in Sinagpore. Following that, their next checkpoint would be a penang laksa stall.

The genuine thing I mean.

We are presuming that those who cant sneak past the causeway can swim. After that, we have various checkpoints stashed everywhere. As for their exact location, lets just say that since Singapore is aiming to be a global city……..

Why the sudden change you might ask. Well I was flossing with barb wire and brushing my teeth with cement paste as usual one night when I realised this:

Scouts are no longer as manly as I come.

Of course we skip the random exceptions like a certain Sec 2 who shares my last name,and whose family is rich enough to do muscular gene therapy and gamma ray irradiation. Ah well, maybe I’ll just bring some kryptonite tomorrow.

Thereby, we decided to tailor our activities according to the maxim “Exercise breeds a healthy body”. Although in my personal view a closer fit would be “survival of the fittest”…


After about 9/10ths of them have been destroyed, we’ll just stop them and keep the rest. The ones that are left should be fit enough to bury the bodies with their bare hands. After all, asking them to complete the thing would be unrealistic, we would only have one member left. I hope those poor souls come mentally and physically prepared tomorrow.

Or maybe just mentally. The latter is impossible.

Oh woops, i just realised they’re a group of scout juniors who actually bother to come read this blog. Silly me. To all you brave young souls out there, i offer this piece of advice, think Adidas (an excellent excellent shoe brand), Impossible is Nothing. Even though after this trip that may be all thats left of you, don’t lose hope…. The same things were said about scaling Everest, and only 203 people died trying.

kk, too tired to continue posting, maybe I’ll talk more about my week another day. Toodles folk, to my juniors; I hope this isn’t for the last time.

Note: all ego in this blog is purely for the sake or humour, and should not be reproduced or quoted in anyway. Especially quoted. (Xuewei please read this)

P.S. to all who are catching the flu bug, get well soon. Unless you have a test on monday, in which class get well soon after.

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