Hello folks. Sigh…

Well then, lets just have a recap on the happenings of the past week and a half


2 days after the bomb that was 01 Annual Show, this should have been a day of relaxation and enjoyment but instead i had to take a Math Test. As were expected, all the necessary elements i needed to take the math test were missing, namely mugging, a coherent brain and my graphic calculator. The first one was non-existent, the second was destroyed by a lack of sleep and the third, well… the third i left at home.


Realising only seconds before the test that i did not have a graphic calculator, i sort of gave up at that point and starting drawing smiley faces on my test paper. Ok, fine, not exactly smiley faces, more sad, angsty omgwthiforgottobringmygc kinda faces.

However, i pulled through and gave it my all, never giving up in the face of adversity, never throwing the towel down, fighting like a wild animal to attain that imba grade, and in the end,

i still failed.


math= makes all tan huan


My recollections are fuzzy. I vaguely recall sobbing in a corner and shouting at my GC. Not like it cared that arrogant 200 dollar hunk of junk.


I had… no scouts that day. omg omg omg. imba rare. I spent most of the morning planning all the fun ccas i would crash, all the nice things i would do that i never could cos of scouts, and in the end i just went around spamming pictures before going home to stone. Ahh.. the ironies of life. Oh, and it rained like bomb that day, luckily i had car. Some unfortunate people could have taken a lift, but dao their phone too often.


Went around spamming photos for art. Spent most of trying to pounce up on birds and take pictures of them before they flew away. Now i know how sylvester feels, except the birds werent yellow freakazoids with heads 50 times the size of their bodies. Was humming the Jaws theme song as i jumped around, and over time i got into the whole thing and started hiding behind pillars, flying up stairs and all that. Inevitably of course, just as i gave a particularly animated leap i was caught in the curious and slightly freaked out gaze of several passerbys.

Staying calm, i did what all you people out there should do in such situations: give a haughty look and say in a phony british accent “a..rrr..tttt” while shaking your head around like some tang poet. If you have a nice long white beard, it helps to start stroking it as well. And if you don’t, try not to stroke anything else.

In the end however i got a few nice pictures, which took a hundred years to print due to printing problems. Hmm… that seems quite redundant. Almost like saying my computer could not work as my computer has spoiled. Unless of course you’re talking about programs like windows movie maker in which case you’ll be saying something along the lines of my WMM could not work as it was #@%$#^@ retarded to begin with.

Finally left the art room around 7:30 (hardworking folk that we are), before going for a nice, lipidy dinner.


Nothing much happened, spent most of the day imitating a rock. Oh, and i actually brought my MP3 to school for the first time i think. Or was it wednesday? Ah well, point being it was the second time i used it since i got it like more than one year ago. Suddenly felt like listening to some songs as i walked to school after getting started on the music craze again by certain folk.

Sigh, my mp3 sux, only 512 mb. I mean, thats like only 250 mb more than i actually need. What i should do is splurge my money while the homeless are being fed to the hungry on some 8 gig mp3 player, which can store around 1950 songs more than i’ll prob listen to. Perfect. While I’m at it, might as well buy an external harddrive to store my word files XD. Kk, nvm , that was more of a random jibe.

Nth much else happened. See? I told you my life was boring.


Had Annual Show reflect and review in the morning, before going for Patrol in Town recce after that. Had alot of fun talking cok with Mr GUO, as well as our usual angsting. On the way back my mum called asking if I wanted a lift home. Since she mentioned it would be a long while more i decided to walk home instead from MRT. Upon opening my front door i was greeted simultaneously by 4 people as they happily lounged around the sofa, eating tibits.


next time she asks, I’ll just ask for a lift. By the time i take one step foward a long while would have passed anyway, might as well not keep me waiting. One small step for man, a giant leap year for mum-kind.


Spent most of the day a) sleeping b) doing elements of art. For the latter i mostly just copied from art websites, grew super sian after a while. For the non-arty folk who read my blog, i shall provide a few terms and definitions.

1) Lines

What you get when you place a seven-eleven next to a canteen whose stall owners think food can rust, looking at the layers of oil surrounding every item in their menu.


What daigor is in and laodi is not. As for myself, well i’m a humble person and lets just leave it at that.

k, fine, im a unfit sloth. whatever. Beauty lies skin deep, and fats lie deeper.


The difference between Times New Roman, Arial and Comic Sans MS.


Me, being a 3-dimensional object, has form. Huimin, being a 2-dimensional being, does not.




The pain attributed to an object if you drop it into a 1000 foot canyon.

Things that have value:

a)Brand new, unused things – new computers, mint rare comic books, my exercise bike..

b)Expensive things – Gold, silver, diamonds, an 8 gigabyte Creative mp3 player

c)Priceless things – There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else……. well I can’t afford those too. Any contributions to the ohcy pocket money foundation?


The stuff out there, inside me and between laodi’s ears.

Hmm, i seem to be insulting laodi particularly alot in this post. don’t fret laodi, its all in friendly jesting, i have no doubts about your intelligence. After all, the gene pool cant have been corrupted that badly, even if you do get splinters occasionally from scratching your head.

In the end i finished the thing at almost 3 am. Sigh, now left principles of art to go, sian sian sian.


I had chem spaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh. Spent 25 mins doing one titration, adding the #$%$# titrant dropwise for 9 cm3 of solution as i was afraid that i would miss the colour change (being colour blind) if i did it fast. Somehow reminded me of my blood donation experience, except it was titrant instead of blood, a burette instead of a tube and … ahh forgeddit.

After that went to scouts den to do some scouty stuff before going for family dinner. Daigor came back from army and it was an interesting experience exchanging random insults in our customary verbal sparring of wit. Of course a few less intellectual insults were directed at me as well, namely $%^%$#&^%, $#!#@%$#^ and @#$@#$%%!!!!! Ah, the good old days…

Hmm, i think thats about all. Tata for now.


P.S. (A note to laodi)

Dear Laodi,

When the day comes, years from now, that you’re finally able to read and understand this, know that i bear no insult towards your intelligence or lack of it. Ah well, i don’t even know why im saying this, as the saying goes: what you don’t know can’t hurt you, so you must be practically invulnerable. So much for Darwin.

I bet he’s going to whack me once he reads this. That boy just doesn’t know the meaning of fear, then again he doesn’t know the meaning of most words. Ah well, there must be a reason my parents stopped having children. Ok lar, enough suanning, he really is a nice chap, friendly to people, kind to animals, loves nature despite what it did to him. I get worried for him at times, sometimes he lets his mind wander and its too little to be left out alone.

Wow, that was perhaps the most insulting thing i’ve ever written. Haha, but to all who read this, my laodi is very intelligent, just that he’s the only person who won’t beat me up for this. XP

P.P.S The above insults and quibs were written for fun, peace, laughter and joy only and with laodi by my side. Please do not really use them to hurt someone else, unless of course like laodi, they can’t understand them.

sorry, couldn’t resist one last jibe.

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    Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to sumit it again if i do not have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the second option doesnt surprise me lol. thanks for a great blog!

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