Hello folks, i have decided to come out of mi shell and do a spot of blogging. Finally 01 fantasma has ended, and the Sec 1 dance (and the whole campfire) is a great success. Kudos to me for choreoing the dance but special mention must also out to the person who helped me replay the song and burn the CD. Rocks, only you could estimate the proper timing. zong zomg, i forgot, he also helped me to find the song. thanks man 🙂

Other than that happy piece of news. today is a sad sad day. I have just been accused of chatting up my friend’s classmate. woe is me. At first i was bewhildered by his sudden anger, but now i realise it was not a case of me chatting up his classmate, but me chatting with one particular classmate. Then again the same thing would probably happen if i chatted to any of his female aqquaintances. Ah well, teen hormones are a powerful thing.

Sigh, i got caught sleeping in math lecture yesterday, by the hot math teacher. A good friend reminded me to buck up, or no matter how soon ai start mugging, my miserly mockery math marks may magically mess up. I hereby draw the conclusion that if u cant even do simple calculations like 12 squared = 144 and not 70 u should go fail ur A level math liao.

Oh, but i am happy today. After like close to a year i have finally worked up the courage to speak to my neighbour. Bear in mind i always wanted to, but he was a huge hulking Monster of a Man, who probably owned a shirt shop looking at the number of shirts he had to replace daily just flexing. Oh, i should mention he had a dinosaur of a wild dog as well, frothing at the mouth, gnashing its teeth hungrily everytime i walked by. I mean, i may not be a coward, but its not like he was just a 16 year old girl or something, i mean, look at that monster.

It took much clever planning, and multiple attempts. I tried once last year around july and i still havent recovered from the physical and mental scars. Ok, maybe just the mental scars. Finally, after much scheming, i pretended to dao him. Then i noticed he was reading some death! war! weapons! magazine so i hurriedly went to get one too.

Looking at me, his shirt popping once again as he turned his neck, he said “I didn’t know you like this stuff.”

YES! Success!! My life has meaning at last.

Ok, for the 6.5 billion people minus one people who didnt get that post, fret not, for you are not meant too. For the one person this post was written for, touche.

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