Hello world, everyone seems to be asking me to blog, so here I am again, sparing what little free time I now have to satisfy your needs. Today, instead of posting about some random occurence in my life, i shall rant about colour. This can be summarised in a simple yet sweet statement:

Colour is some bomb.

Of course bear in mind that I am slightly prejudiced against colour, being colour-blind in the first place. Throughout my short and sweet tenure on this world of colour, many happy incidents have resulted as a consequence of that.

Incident 1:

December 2004

We had just finished our GTC hike, and were frantically drawing maps of our checkpoints using streetdirectory.com.sg. Cheating you might say, but bear in mind that Eric had accidentally dropped the book of maps we had drawn during the hike into a river (or perhaps ditch would be a better term) while crossing it. Rivers in singapore being what they are and all, we were somewhat reluctant to recover the book from waters that had probably spawned godzilla, mutant turtles and laodi.

Meanwhile, i was assigned the task of (lalala) colouring the maps. Minutes later..

Fellow scout 1: “Eh, Chin Yang, have your finished colouri…. IMSER! WHY THE @#$%& ARE THE TREE TRUNKS GREEN AND LEAVES BROWN????

Me: “(Shit) Erm… cos they were growing next to the mutant milo river?”

Fellow scout 1: “#$%#$@….”

Fellow scout 2: “#$%#$@#$%*&@#$#%!!”

Fellow Scout 3: “@#$%^&*#$@%#^%$%&$#^%#@@@$!!!@#!!!!”

Fellow scout 4: “Thats wrong meh?”


Despite this screw up, i was still entrusted with the task of colouring, the rest assuming iwas simply being my usual blur self. A further 15 mins later..

Fellow scout 1: “Haha, not bad, at least you colour the trees correctly this tim…. IMSER THE ROAD IS PINK!!!”

Fellow scout 1 then collapsed on the ground and started twitching uncontrollably, staring with vacant eyes at the offendingly pink road. Meanwhile, the other scouts started lighting torches and sharpening their penknives, shouting: “WHY THE #%$#% IS IT PINK?”

Me: “(shit shit shit) ermm…. cos im colour blind?”

Fellow scout 1: “IMMSEEERR YOU”

Fellow scout 2: “NEVER”

Fellow scout 3: “TELL EVERYON……”

Fellow scout 4: “hee heex =D Actually pink is quite cute wad!”


Some bomb ggxx.

(On a side note, the true story is that i preferred the colour pink, me being the unmasculine, feminine and UNmanly guy i am….. I hereby refute the spreading rumour that I am so manly. So much for cyism right?)

Incident 2:

December 2006

After a long hard day of AEP which ended at like 6 pm, I was mightily impressed with myself for painting what i thought was a startling lifelike painting of my hand as part of my Sec 4 art painting project.

Me: “Eh, not bad right..”

Fellow Art Student “Yar, damn nice, really looks like a hand.”

Me: “hehe (self-satisfied smirk)”

Fellow Art Student “But whats the significance of the green skin ar?”

What followed next was several minutes of stunned silence as I gazed at the painting vacantly, before falling back into my chair and beaming merrily to myself.

“haha.. its green. hee hee hee. green! hahahaha greeennn!!!! No, i would not like green skin and hand, oh Sam-I-Am!!!”

After staring at me with a curious expression on his face, realization soon dawned upon my fellow art student and he patted me pityingly on the back before turning back to his own work, leaving me having a fierce theological argument with the ceiling on the advantages of green skin.

(note that i am not a fan of the hulk, him being so much more manly than unmanly me.)

Incident 3

12 April, 2007 (a.k.a last Thursday)

We had been told to do a colour study of some painted objects. This time the colours used were all primary colours, which i at the very least prided myself on being able to recognise. However, i was still slightly worried so i turned to px and asked:

Me: “Eh, that shadow is dark green right???”

Px: “er…..no? isn’t it red?”

I give up.

I am now prepared to totally screw up the next few art projects, and deprove my ranking to like the bottom in the class. Then again, i wouldnt be ranting against sick evil and twisted colour just based on these few incidents. After bringing out my health book to find the certificate of colour blindness to pass to my chem teacer, I rediscovered a list, that came with the cert, of jobs i cannot or am greatly advised not to do.

Of course following Murhpy’s law most of the jobs I am considering doing in the future are on that blasted list. Lets name a few shall we?

Artist =.=”””
Architect 🙁
Electrical works :((((
Chemist :'(((((
Engineer T_T

And thats just to name a few. There are many other jobs (96 in all) that i should not do. Sigh… there goes my life long dream of being a butcher, coroner or meat inspector….

(possibly one after the other. hehehe…. )

Colour sux.

Ah well, cant change it, might as well live with it. Just dun approach me asking what colour the RJ shirts are, do that and I’ll make sure yours turns red.

Just joking, a kind, weak and uncyism soul as myself wouldn’t do that.

In other news, I played a bit of PS2 for the first time since the holidays. It was more of an impulse thing after finishing a large amount of video editing and wanted to relax abit. Laodi challenged my old but rusty hands to a few games of Crimson Skies (some fighter plane battle game), and i graciously accepted.

Minutes later the score was tending towards a linear asymptote but i shall be nice and not reveal who was on the receiving end.

Ah well, back to work. Hope all the people who keep asking me to blog are satisfied.


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