Hello folks, super rushed for time these days so i have practically no time to blog. Ah well, ill keep this super short then, just took some Sex ID test over the net, which was considerable better then the one we took for GP, which told me that I am apparently as feminine as Audrey Hepburn and as manly as Clint Eastwood, and which had questions like:

“Talking about cars, “camber” refers to?”

“The colour ocher is most similiar to…”


I somehow can’t imagine a young teen boy thinking to himself:

“Crap, I didn’t know that camber refers to the angle at which tires intersect the road. “

“gg, I’m gay.”

For some reason, i knew the answer to both questions, then again being from art i can pretty much go kick myself if i didn’t know the second one. I thus hereby refute that I’m as feminine as Audrey Hepburn (whoever the hell that is), and as for being as manly as Clint Eastwood.. hehe.

Today I woke up from my bed of nails and proceeded to change up. After finishing my daily breakfast of gravel and steel bar pretzels (I twisted them myself), i gulped down a morning snack of iron nails and strolled downstairs to the nearest fence to tear off a piece of barb wire to floss my teeth, rinsing it all down with a healthy solution of toilet disinfectant.

What can I say, I’m a healthy man who loves his teeth.

Proceeding then to my manly computer (all hardware is manly) , I was surfing through a few blogs when i found some bbc manliness test. Bear in mind i had no doubts about the manliness of my manly persona, but was merely taking it for laughs. After all, every bell curve has to have its top.

Taking the test, i breezed through the questions, only pausing once to go down and chop down a few large trees for firewood, as it was a mere unmanly 30 degrees celcius that day. This took a little longer then expected as my axe (chainsaws are for sissies) was missing and i had to use my hands instead.

After tossing them up 10 floors. (They wouldnt fit in the lift), i jumped up after them and continued doing the test.

Soon, the test was finally done and i lazily awaited my results:

Your overall performance

The scale below is an indication of where you fall in the male-female brain continuum. The results are based on the angles, spot the difference, 3D shapes and words tasks.

Bear in mind that your performance may be affected by many factors in addition to gender, like age and intelligence.

Your personal brain score: 0% (In the middle)


A few hours later, i woke up from the floor in a cold sweat, only to look up at my com screen and realise that by zeus apollo and other such manly gods my results were real. Even worse was the fact that a masculine manly man as myself had fainted, like some weak sissy metro boy. Despair overtook me and I fell to the ground in a heap, weeping like the unmanly man i was..

(girlish) sigh…

I go off now to wax my thighs. Toodles.

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  1. GRACEE :D April 11, 2007 at 8:57 am - Reply

    YO chin yang!! 😀 your post is really amusing! we chem dumdums should sit together more often ya? HAHA see you tomorrow!

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