Hey people, wash away your sorrows for i have returned from my long absence from the blogosphere, to entertain you once again with the merry exploits of the Oh family. Been relatively busy this past week what with scouts, art and what not, thus explaining my long absence. Hmm, lets see, what happened over the week.

Art, scouts and sleep.

Kk, that about sums it up for now, lets turn to stuff other then my boring social life. Currently being spammed by people asking me to do their “test of friendship quiz” , think its time for me to make my own. Hehe.



If ohcy were to call you during your free time asking for help with homework, how would you respond to his plea for salvation?

a) Ok.

b)”pssshhhhhh, csshh , I csshhhsh cant.. cshh csshh hear csh cshh you..arrrggghhhhh…pssshhhh….”

“Click. “

c) “COUGH COUGH… pttuii. heee..lll..llooo?? Yo-yoo…youuu need heel…help isit? i.. COUGH COUGH COUGH caann tryy *vomit* to endure the endless torment and pain im COUGH COUGH going through now, no problem, just so that i can fufill your COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH selfish desires to complete your homework. COUGHCOUGHCOUGHCOU…oh, yousureyounoneedhelpliao? kkbyebye. “

“Click. “

d) “The system is not getting a response from the suscriber’s mobile phone, please, try again later. Goodbye! “



“beep. beep. beep.”


If ohcy were ever to die suddenly (touch laodi’s head, just kidding laodi…), what would you be thinking to yourself at his funeral?


b)”Here lies a good friend, and a good man…”

c)”I wonder where the 4D numbers on his coffin are…”

d)“I should have bought insurance…”

e)“I wonder if anyone will ever find out why i bought that insurance…hehehe”

Question 3

What is ohcy’s favorite living breathing beast?

a) a wombat

b) an alasakan moose

c) daigor

d) our canteen food

Question 4

On what day does ohcy’s birthday fall?

a)30th Januray 1990

b) 31st December 1990

c) 31st December 1900

d) A weekday or a weekend

Question 5

Do you consider yourself a close friend of ohcy?


b) define close.

c)define friend.

4)define ohcy

Kk, can’t be bothered to go the whole nine yards and make 10 questions so this will have to do. Go do the quiz, if your answers are anything other than abab a/b, please venture no more unto this merry website. : )

kk, very sleepy, good night world. Oh yar, wanted to entertain you all wtih the merry exploits of the Oh family… no matter, that shall be a tale for another boring day. Tata. ohcy, signing off.

I like wombats.

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