Hello everyone, this will probably be my shortest ever post since i don’t really have that much time to blog. A few choice amusing things happened today.

Today morning i woke up to thunder lightning and rain. Grabbed a sweater and hobbled down mount braddell, getting my feet drenched in the process since the roads were flooded due to a clogged drainage system. That was particularly irritating. When u have to spend 15 mins climbing up a stupid mountain everyday the least you expect it to do is be less flooded then ground a 100 metres below it.

Tried to print stuff last night buy my printer decided to get drunk and started banding horizontal lines all over the place. When i woke up this morning it had a hangover and destroyed like 5 pieces of perfectly innocent A4 paper that got stuck inside its rollers. Luckily i asked my friend to print for me, but apparently in the morning after walking through torrential rain to find him he didn’t have it. Thanks ar.

Later on during chem lecture i got a call: “Eh Chin Yang, I actually printed it, somehow its in my file now.”

=.=” Maybe he and my printer went on a beer binge or something.

Lol, but if your reading this thanks alot, i shall have to buy a new printer soon i think. Chuck it out with Daigor’s tamagotchi computer.

Chem lecture was particularly fun, spent most of it pretending to be awake. The rest of the day went by as normal, scouts -> class dinner -> tan huaning at home. Scouts was particularly amusing as we were having QM session. Trusting the junior scouts as mature, level headed individuals i left them with two hoses and a few tents before coming back awhile later.

Opening the door, i was greeted with a toilet that was as flooded as the #$%#@ gravity proof mount braddell and my second shower of the day. Merrily oblivious to my soggy presence in the midst of it all were a couple of my mature, level-headed scouts merrily soaking everything in sight. Meanwhile, the tent itself lay in the midst of the chaos, happily and perfectly dry.


Still, things got done and the act ended (more or less) on time, and we had some short funk dance training session before we left. Apparently the RAMli burger is capable of doing break, another one of life’s little known facts.

Kk, signing off, i end of this blog post with an sms i got during dinner.

“From: +6590193523 (not real number

Hi, my new number is 90193523. thanks.”



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