Hello everyone once again, Here to give a short post on the up and coming events of today. My godsister, Deoon Heng is coming over, whom i know my laodi has a crush on. Ok fine, think he has a crush on. Suspect he has a crush on? Ok fine, I don’t know the name of any other girl he knows so she will have to do. (Btw, my brother’s names are Oh Chin Ying and Oh Chin Yu, all same initials. =.=”)

Two weeks ago they were merrily playing the card game STRESS in the room when their family was visiting, when i went to join them and play with her also. Upon entering the room, Laodi started giving me a murderous stare but I assumed that was cos i stepped on his hand. Following that day, he kept looking at me and clenching his fists, and i have taken precautions never to venture into the kitchen with him. After that, during dinner my older brother dared venture to sit between both of them, again elicting further stares of hatred from laodi. (Or maybe he had some dust in his eye, who can tell)

Well once again, today their family is visiting and Laodi has been carrying around a ball of plasticine, occasionally mashing it into putty whenever i happen to stroll past him. Right now he is playing WWE on my PS2, doing various rubbish such as bludgeoning my created character with a giant hammer while grinning maniacally to himself.

Hmmm… I wonder what he’s trying to tell me.

Laodi, this song’s for you.

Sunday Mourning

Sunday morning Heng is coming

Kill some Brothers says Chin Ying

Yang is playing stress in moments unforgivable

Yu twists to fit the hole that lies between

But things just get so crazy ending life gets hard to do

And I would gladly hit those toads with garden hoes if I knew

That someday it would lead me back to you

That someday it would lead me back to you

That may be all I need

In darkness see a killing spree

Come and rest your bones with me

Dying slow on Sunday Mourning

And I never want to leave

For anyone who hasn’t heard Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, please go listen, its an imba song.

In other news, I have just recovered from a long class outing + scouts. Class outing was super fun, stayover (truth or dare…hehe) + roller blading. Roller blading was super nice, my second time trying, every time i try it seems to get more fun. After the usual mishaps including falling, crashing and injuring my back, we went of to subway for lunch before i chionged off for scouts.

We had to do filming that day and due to class outing i was already late. chionging to Hiok’s house, i was greeted by a frantic wenyu waving his hands like a cheerleader shouting “CHIN YANG STOP STOP STOP STOP” Thinking it was some prank (this was wenyu after all) I dashed on ahead to Hiok’s main gate, straight into a length scene they were about to film finish.

10 mins later, i hobbled off to recover from my multiple fractures while they continued filming.

Ah well, my god sister approaches, I rush off now to hide the knives.

kk lar, i have no idea who laodi crushes. For some weird reason he refuses to tell me. Its like he thinks I will actually suan him about it. tsk tsk. Anyway, the only female aquaintance of him i mutually know is miss heng so laodi, until u divulge the truth to me, your/our poor godsister will recieve the brunt of my suanning.

P.S. (For any girls that might be seeking to chase laodi, i have no idea who he really likes, if he even likes anyone, so your welcome to try your luck)

tata, for now, may i live to blog another day.


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