Hello again, After an abscence of one day, I’m here to blog again. Today at long last is the last day of the term, doesnt really feel like one term has passed by though, still sort of in the start of school mood. Sat in class for the last time with some people today, haiz, quite sad, our class getting smaller and smaller…

Today was the day of our whART exhibition, spent my break findng all the random artworks and pasting the labels, found out that Mr Chia is a very liberal user of blue tack and that 50% of the time blue tack sticks to your hand more than it does to paper. what use that random piece of information will ever have i do not know.

Following that had classes as normal, didn’t really listen during lectures and tutorials as well, was half sketching random people half paying attention. After that had my usual cup noodle lunch before going for the exhibition. Had fun looking through all the imba sketch books and feeling even more zibei then usual.

After that I went for the blood donation drive thing, it was a rather entertaining experience. Expecting the thing to take at most 40 mins i sauntered in, confident that i was manly enough to withstand such a procedure, it was said to be not painful anyway. Seeing a few friends, i started asking them how it was.

Person A: “Its ok lar, only the blood test was painful”

Person B: “Not that pain, except for the part when they inject the anasthesia, that part got a sharp pain.”

Person C: “You don’t really feel anything, although when the big needle goes in there is a sting.”

=.=” imser. might as well say every single part is pain.

Did the normal check up before going to take the blood test, actually everything is really not pain lar, only a slight pin prick. The nurse seemed to take a sadistic pleasure in drawing out a quarter of a straw worth of blood and then only testing like one drop of it before chucking the rest away. Why cant she just squeeze the drop directly into the testing beaker. I was slightly surprised that i was not anaemic, i think gotten better from when i was young liao.

After that we move on the main event itself, the blood donation. The nurse strapped on some tight strap thing and started searching for the vein in my left arm, although apparently its too small. trying my right arm, she prodded my arm vigorously like some tua na specialist before finally pronouncing “ok lar, a bit better” Haiz, so much for my delusions of having manly thick veins.

After that is the usual injection and all that. Finally, i got to see the needle itself. I hereby term it “the yakult straw”, its roughly that thick anyway, although on first glanced it seemed more like drainage piping then a needle. The irony that im sipping yakult now as i type this does not escape me. Just as the nurse was about to stick that pipe into my skin, i overheard the music blaring “dont leave me dry…. (high and dry)”

imba choice of song.

The actually sticking in of the needle was totally painless, felt a very slight prick only. 10 mins into the thing, the nurse started making critical comments about how slow my blood was flowing. Meanwhile, my friend who came later then me had already finished donating and was grinning at me as he happily devoured his oreo cookies and milo. Another 10 mins later, 2 ppl on the bed next me had already finished donating. By this time, i was pumping the stupid stress ball like a half crazed baboon, watching my blood flow drop by drop while the girl sitting next to me didnt even bother yet her blood flow looked liked some 黄河.

Finally 2 HOURS after i stepped through those doors my donation drive ended. By this time the stress ball looked like it needed a blood donation after my rigourous pumping and my hand faired no better. haiz, daigor better not read this blog i will be plastered by photos of the veins popping of his hands like a mini mountain range.

Ah well, looking on the bright side, in the event i chop of my hand or something my bone marrow will probably replace blood faster then it can slowly drip out of the wound. Even my leaky tap drips water faster.

After everything was done, i chomped down 4 packets of oreo and the drink of champions before rushing off for scouts meeting.

Oh yar, I had heard from friends that after you donate blood you get a bravery cert. Expecting something like a “LONE WOLF AWARD” or “FEARLESS FIGHTER” cert i instead received some “NO CHICKEN” award for being brave enough to donate blood.

=.=” …….. They stuck some yakult straw up my arm and all they can tell me is that im braver than a chicken. Wonderful.

Next time i run a slimming center or beauty center i should use the same idea as well. I can give awards like “I don’t look like a cross between a stonefish and chewbacca’s behind” award. Im sure the reactions will be as positive.

Kk. thats all for today, toodles and good night.

P.S. I have nothing personal against stonefish nor chewbacca’s behind.

P.P.S Nor chickens.

jobweek! 01 ftw.

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