Hello all, this is getting to be quite a habit. Hmmm, doesnt take up much time anyway, and tis quite cathartic actually. Our class seemed super small today, as 4 ppl were missing. Haiz, so sad, 6ppl might be leaving our class…

Today started out as any normal school day did. I left the house late, chionged down mount braddel and arrived in school just before the bell. The only difference being i woke up early this time round, but just as i was printing some stuff from my com it crashed. After which i dashed to my brother’s com, which runs so slow and takes so bomb long to load it make my tamagotchi look like Deep Blue. Finally the stupid thing loaded and lo and behold i am greeted with the following screen

Hint: happybirthday


Frantic now, i tried a variation of combinations, his birthday in month day order, day month order, the birthdays of everyone in my family. After trying a wide range of answers ranging from people who share the same birthday as him, the numbers in his birthday added together, the numbers in his birthday reversed backwards…. I was about to just heck care and maybe chiong back during lunch break to print the stuff. Taking a last gamble. i called laodi in the event he knew the password.

“Hey, ying, quick quick. whats gor’s new com password?”



=.=””” I hereby resolve to chuck that useless piece of machinery in my brothers sadistic face the moment he gets back from army. I can already imagine the stupid grin on his face as he set that password. Might as well wreck it now and get him to buy a better piece of technology. Maybe a pager.

Or a screwdriver.

After reaching school, the day went on as normal. My angel still resolutely refuses to admit that she is my angel even though I’ve known like since January liao. Nvm, her birthday is coming very soon anyway, i shall just stroll past her more often and make loud random comments like “haiz, i wonder when my angel’s birthday is, i want to get her a gift…” We’ll see how long she takes before she cracks. haha, maybe I’ll hint that the gift is a new computer or something, then i can just give her daigor’s hunk of junk.

After school had scouts as usual, it was quite a routine session though we’re much stricter now cos SUTC coming. After scouts we went hall to check out what could be done for decor of campfire. Teeyong-long-legs was standing broad jumping up and down the stage like a kangaroo on drugs. Trying to be a marn, i attempted the same feat and ended up banging my shin against the edge of the stage. some swollen bomb now. Today is really some Series of Unfortunate Events.

haiz, just received word we have to hand in our art sketchbooks tom. sigh sigh sigh, kk i shall go chiong some arty stuff now. Toodles. ohcy, signing off.

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