Imbaness, i wonder how long i can keep this up. 3 posts in 3 days. Woke up late again today (as usual) at around 7:20. For the people who live in the decrepit distant wastelands of singapore its not my fault i live opposite RJ while you stay across changi airport. Chionged to school as usual, met some interesting person who refused to let me walk in front of him. No matter how fast i brisked walked he would walk faster =.=” Haha, competitiveness to the max. His 2.4 must be some imba.

Spent math lesson mugging for GP test today even though there was no test. Ended up dying for physics test. was super careless as usual, spent like half the test saying “oops”. Considering that i want to be an architect or mechanical engineer in the future this does not bode well. Ah well, at least i dun want to be a surgeon or a doctor.

“Doctor Oh, how’s the surgery going? Am i going to be ok?”


quite ggxx.

After school we had some art meeting for the exhibition. Only a few people went down though. The meeting was quite fun and i spent most of it fooling around with ben doing lame stuff like the gay loser cheer and 1v1 pleasecanyoufollowme. I am apparently a total loser when it comes to that game. Apparently our exhibition is to be called whART. Hmm, googling that now to see if it actually means anything.

Hurray. Congrats to all of us, the posters are done, the fliers designed, the signboards put up, and in the latest update i have discovered that whART has in fact the following urban meanings:

1. whart

An adjective describing the process in which blondes attempt to think or brainstorm many ideas and their brain capability is too limited to retain any information whatsoever; a blonde moment or brain fart; not understanding shit because of your hair color.

Bottom of Form

2. Whart

The shortening of the phrase, “what the f***?”.

Lalala. This sure does bode well for our exhibition. Haiz, I can already imagine whats going to happen on friday.

“What’s the title of ur exhibition?”


If the guy knows definition two i will just zibei and dig a hole in the ground.

Kk, ill try and keep this post short, alot of other stuff to do. ohcy signing off.

Hmm, maybe i should google ohcy as well. For all i know it could mean the slime trail of an australian tree slug. haiz.

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