At long last under the badgering of various friends, i have created a blog. Bear in mind this shall not be a just a place for perennial posting about the events in my life, but more a collection of random musings. hmm, where shall we start…

Today was a relaxing day, actually got around to do some fun drawings. Art has been quite zibeish of late, looking at all the imba rg ppl. Especially some people who can somehow create some super nice watercolour landscape on their first try… thanks arh. I zibei. Ah well, always can train more. Daigor has gotten 4As, A1 for GP and two merits. This is after two months of angsting us about his pathetic attempts at answering the questions on his physics paper, and his hopeless cause at getting an A1 for GP. Only know do we see it was all a subtle attempt to get us to pity him that sly cunning bomb. Oh Chin Yu if ur reading this (though your probably getting screwed in army now), please go whack yourself. Haha, but still my whole family is damn happy for him lar, he should be able to get a scholarship liao that imba bomb. congrats dai gor.

In other news I am now unofficially a floating body, seeing as somehow archery still hasnt taken me of their list of members. Scouts has been busy but fun, just had overnight camp. Tasting their cooked food was interesting to say the least. I can still remember the times when our falcon patrol kitchen could turn good food into s*** faster then the human body. Less zai food but overall less totally screwed up food as well. at least we didnt get the runs.

Meanwhile laodi seems to be doing well in SJI, all the best too him in scouts, me and prsident scout dai gor shall train him to be a MARN in Pelandok Scouts (wonder if i spelled that properly). Go laodi!

Since this is my first post, might as well update abit on class and og. Love them both, alot of very nice people in my class and og. Studies has been the bomb, but still can kope for now… AFter 3 months = ggxx. Meanwhile as i type this, laodi is frantically trying to catch a beetle buzzing around my head. i wish him all the best in his endeavours to empty the insect nest that is our house.

oh yar, our final year art project is map making… =.=” After doing like 50 maps for scouts liao also a bit sian… haha, but now its arty! so should be quite fun lar. yay laodi, he has caught the beetle. applause please. haha, i want to go iceskating with dai gor and laodi one of these days, but like perpetually no time. Ah well, meanwhile shall amuse myself playing mindless card games with lao di.

Kk, this should be enough random musing, I end of the blog post with a parting (and often used) quote from daigor before he left for army just now:

“Know now that I am Oh Chin Yu and I will always be one step ahead of you

Sure. And i stand at the edge of a cliff.

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