Hello all. Shall not be blogging as usual this week. Too busy. by and by, been a fun week, had a great time yesterday going for piano ensemble plus random walking around after tt, havent enjoyed myself so much in a long while. Saw a shocking, different, feminine side of some people. Of course the fact that they were female in the first place....Ah well, I shall prepare to be whacked on monday. tata.

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Hello folks, currently tan huaning now in front of my com while the butterflies in my stomach engage in nuclear war. In the midst of recovering from some imba manly illness that has owned me for the past 4 days. Lets recount the full story shall we.ThursdayIt was 3 am in the morning and being the hardworking guai boy that i am i had just completed my art project and was deciding whether to do some final revision for physics test or go and sleep. Well, in truth i spent a mere 30 minutes on the project and 2 plus [...]

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Hey people, i have decided to break the monotony and not start with hello for once. Today was an interesting day, my NOKIA handphone, stylish, simple and simply great to use, woke me up from my deep slumber, mostly thanks to KING COIL, their beds are mmmm just heaven to sleep on. Walked to school listening to my CREATIVE mp3 player, with its ergonomic design and easiness of use, listening becomes pleasure redefined. During break, i chose to buy a drink. But what should it be? LIPTON'S ice lemon tea with its refreshing flavour? YEOS soya bean drink, milk, taste, [...]

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Hello folks. Sigh...Well then, lets just have a recap on the happenings of the past week and a halfMonday:2 days after the bomb that was 01 Annual Show, this should have been a day of relaxation and enjoyment but instead i had to take a Math Test. As were expected, all the necessary elements i needed to take the math test were missing, namely mugging, a coherent brain and my graphic calculator. The first one was non-existent, the second was destroyed by a lack of sleep and the third, well... the third i left at home.ggxx.Realising only seconds before the [...]

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Hello folks, i have decided to come out of mi shell and do a spot of blogging. Finally 01 fantasma has ended, and the Sec 1 dance (and the whole campfire) is a great success. Kudos to me for choreoing the dance but special mention must also out to the person who helped me replay the song and burn the CD. Rocks, only you could estimate the proper timing. zong zomg, i forgot, he also helped me to find the song. thanks man :)Other than that happy piece of news. today is a sad sad day. I have just been [...]

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Hello world, as promised, here is my post on the sad sad story of me, windows movie maker and campfire video editing. Presenting to you, "Pieces of Me - Ashlee Simpson" - reinvented.Pieces (that are left) of Me - ohcyOn a Monday, I am filmingTuesday, I editingAnd by Wednesday, I can't sleepThen the com screen, a black hueAnd the darkness tells me I’m screwedCuz there goes my scouts movieBawl... Now this straw is the lastI can hardly catch my death, I hope its fast[Chorus:]OhhhhhIt seems like I can finally rest my head, and just go chillWhen Movie Maker killsOhhhhhIt's as [...]

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Happiness redefined.Full story up and coming in the next post : A Series of Unfortunate Events, a.k.a Murphy was right.

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Hello world, everyone seems to be asking me to blog, so here I am again, sparing what little free time I now have to satisfy your needs. Today, instead of posting about some random occurence in my life, i shall rant about colour. This can be summarised in a simple yet sweet statement:Colour is some bomb.Of course bear in mind that I am slightly prejudiced against colour, being colour-blind in the first place. Throughout my short and sweet tenure on this world of colour, many happy incidents have resulted as a consequence of that.Incident 1:December 2004We had just finished our [...]

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Hello folks, super rushed for time these days so i have practically no time to blog. Ah well, ill keep this super short then, just took some Sex ID test over the net, which was considerable better then the one we took for GP, which told me that I am apparently as feminine as Audrey Hepburn and as manly as Clint Eastwood, and which had questions like:"Talking about cars, "camber" refers to?""The colour ocher is most similiar to..."=.="I somehow can't imagine a young teen boy thinking to himself:"Crap, I didn't know that camber refers to the angle at which tires [...]

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hey world, im back again. currently tio owned by lack of sleep, and am surviving now purely on the fact that red bull gives you wings. most of that time was spent on choreoing dance as well as finishing drawing that infernal map. Getting owned along with me is px, who has to man colour the map by tomorrow, minus da red bull. Some (wo)Man.Along with mappinness, is the other bomb in my life, scouts. Had quite alot of fun choreoing the Sec 1 Dance, all the gl moves like front claw, awakening... Royce spent one day camping at my [...]

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