Cognitive Vision - A Reading Speed Experiment

This project aims to increase a user's reading speed by reducing eye saccades (movements) during reading. On average users have seen increases of around 40 and up to 133%, with no drop in comprehension. Give it a try!


Go the website linked below and take the reading speed test, followed by the comprehension test. Try to read at a brisk, but comfortable pace. If you do not get at least 2 out of the 3 comprehension question correct, take the test again (you have 3 tries). Make sure to note down your reading speed once you do so. Once you are done, enter both your name and the result in the form below and click the CONTINUE button. Note: The first link will only work for individuals in the U.S. Click the second link if you are in a different location.
Reading Speed (wpm):

User Configuration

Manually experiment with the sliders below, and attempt to push your reading WPM count as high as you can without sacrificing comprehension. Ideally, your eyes should be fixed within the box, with minimal eye movement - your eye should not be moving much from side to side). Take your time and thoroughly experiment with the sliders. Once you are done, click the READY button to perform a reading test using these parameters. Note: you can click READY once you are done adjusting the parameters. You do not have to wait for the passage to finish.
Click BEGIN to start the test. Focus on the box and read the text that appears after the countdown. Once the text is done, you will be asked several questions about the text. Perform this test with minimal distractions for the most accurate result. If you have seen this text before, click the CHOOSE DIFFERENT TEXT button to select a different text. Note: If you change tab or alt-tab out of your browser the timing will not be accurate. In this case please redo the test.
Maximum Character Width
Interval (speed)
Font Size
Words Per Minute

Comprehension Test

Answer the questions below and click the FINISHED button once you are done. You must achieve a passing score of 60% to proceed to the next stage.

Thank you for taking part in this experiment! Your reading data has been logged.