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Help out!

Unless you've been living under the rock that itself is living under a larger rock on the moon, chances are you've probably heard about the earthquake and nuclear crisis in Japan. Reading the news for the last few days has been heart rending. Never have I felt more strongly about helping out or more helpless to actually doing so.  I doubt that many people still come here, but for those who do, and who wish to help, here's how you can (as taken from another website): ------------------------------------------------------------ Mercy Relief: The organisation is accepting donations to procure relief supplies. It has [...]

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Party Rockers in the House Tonight

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, and with both parents in China and my brother at a scouts camp, I had the entire house to myself. Naturally I made a few calls to the Scam bros. "Hey bros, I have the whole house to myself for the next three days. No adults around... No one to supervise us... Are you dudes thinking what I'm thinking...?" "Hehehe..."   Five hours later:   Rather than the drug-fuelled, alcoholic rave party we were supposed to hold as respectable youths of our generation, we ended up belting out various Taylor Swift songs while dancing [...]

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The Joys of Teaching

Most of the time, teaching classes is quite a pleasure. I get to share fun facts, interact with children and command the only people who will probably still listen to me around. The marking may be a chore, but I generally look forward to the classes themselves. This was not the case when I was asked to take a Pri 5 science class on Reproduction. You see, drawing on my knowledge of what 11 year old kids are like, this was what I imagined the class would be like: Me: "Good morning class, I'm Mr. Oh and today I will [...]

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The Story of the Cake

Hi people. For those who don't know, I have recently started something I like to call Writing Sunday as part of my mission to get more writing (duh) done. This basically means that I shall take some time each Sunday to write a little piece and upload it here. Whether or not I can sustain this is highly suspect, but wish me luck anyway. This isn't one of my Writing Sunday posts, but someone requested for me to post this so here it is, uploaded as requested. Till next week, tata! The Story of the Cake Prologue: “Let them eat [...]

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Scramble Cram Ramble Amble Am

For the past few days I have been playing Scramble CE on my phone so much, that when I tried to call my mum on the phone last night, I physically couldn't for a moment because the digits weren't connected on the number grid. When I close my eyes now I see not darkness but D-E-A-R, E-A-R, R-A-D, D-A-R-E, A-R-E, R-E-A-D morphing into and out of each other. I can no longer look at a game of tic tac toe without muttering to myself that XXX and OOO are not words and therefore should not be linked. Someone save me. [...]

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Adventures in Taiwan – Day 1

Hello friends. Or rather hello to the three or so obsessive stalkers still left checking this space after a 6 month long posting vacation, congratulations! You are the ultimate survivor. I’m currently typing this post a gazillion miles or so above the ground in an SIA plane. Yes, you saw that correctly, an SIA plane. A plane where dreams come true and rays of hope beam around so much you expect to look left and see a bloody care bear in the next seat. A plane where the in-flight shows don’t consist of just old hong kong serial reruns and [...]

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Chinese New Year

(Lol, I wrote this post three months ago but just never posted it. Found it while clearing my blog archives and decided I might as well upload it now. For all the people who only visit this site once every 3 months, pretend this message doesn't exist.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello one and all. As a safeguard against my debilitating memory, I have decided to do a quarterly log of anything especially memorable that might have happened over those 3 months. One might argue I suppose, that it's the most memorable events that least need safeguarding against memory loss, but I assure [...]

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Quest for the PSS – Round 2

Hello people, I've returned from my blogging hiatus once again. To all my batch mates out there, it has come to my attention that Arr Jay See has recently decided to enforce its rules and regulations a wee more strictly. Teachers take attendance at every lecture for everyone, cycling and blading are now banned in school, not handing in assignments is a white slip offence and food can no longer be consumed in class. It occurs to me now that if they had been secretly enforcing these rules during my time in school, I would probably have garnered enough white [...]

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Sometimes we try so hard to organize that perfect outing, that we forget how simple the best ones were. Spend all that time making sure every hour's special, when all we had to do was spend them with people who are. And in the end the moments that I'll hold most dear are not the ones that stand out the most - the dragon boating outings, the art exhibitions or the 5 star rated movies, but the ones that seem as plain as day. Searching for a school, waiting for a sunrise and sharing laughs over a dinner table, these [...]

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The Perils of BAOBIEMAOY

Hello folks, I have had it with all these weird emails from friends asking me to buy this or that product or try this or that slimming pill. I am so not that fat. So upon receiving yet another one of those mails yesterday when I was already in a rather annoyed mood at something else, I decided to craft a polite reply to the companies hacking my friend's email accounts and spamming my inbox with all this nonsense. The original mail and the reply I typed out went as follows. Original mail: Dear friend: Welcome to our company Webwww.baobiemaoy.com, [...]

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