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The Unintended Strip Tease

Hello folks, the oc s boys are probably making snow angels now as hell freezes over but yes, I'm actually blogging within three months of my previous post. Went for my medical checkup for DSTA yesterday with some trepidation. After all you don't go to work for a defense science organization without expecting them to at least make you half robot, though I guess veterinarian scholars would have it worse. And so I made the early morning trip to Paragon where after 15 min of searching I ended up entering the wrong medical center. Despite repeated inquiries the only speck [...]

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Hello friends, yes I'm back for one of those increasingly sporadic updates on my personal life. Amazing I know. Well despite my long absence from the blogging scene it should be heartening to note that the most exciting change in my life recently may very well be my new superman wallpaper. Yes, my life is still more boring then yours. Army has had its ups and downs, usually in counts of twenty, and for the sake of making myself look cooler then I really am, I have to regretfully inform you that I am unable to divulge anything on my [...]

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Random bit of Advertising. Check out cool notebooks at:BRAIN REMOVAL INCORPORATEDAnd here I include a quote from their website:"This is Brain Removal Incorporated, where we surgically remove your brain (yes neurons, synapses and all) if you refuse to leave it at the door. Here, we believe everyone enjoys a better existence without their grey matter, and so we’re here to bring you that experience. Clearly, simple badges and notebooks really aren’t enough to provide the full exhilarating sensation of a neuro operation but strangely ironically, brain removal is really all in the head. Sorta like a… mental exercise. All you [...]

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(Disclaimer: This post too, was not written by me. If you can't tell. It was written by a certain beansprout loving friend of mine who coincidentally knew my blog password.) this is a story about bean sprouts. what colour they really are, chinyang will never know.once upon a time, when the art room was surrounded by lush greenery in cheap plastic pots in a distant dream the ancient ones called coursework, chinyang was given a plant that had a broken stem.no one wanted the plant because it was well broken at the stem. and in plant land, that means its a [...]

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 (Disclaimer: I did not write this post. Lorry requested access to my blog for reasons that are now apparent to me. Haha, but it's a nice post. Thanks lorry. ) this is an epic story about a boy. a hardworking boyhmm maybe not. a sleepy boy.a dirty boy (on his way to the shower after monotyping overnight)a sleepy dirty boywho can be quite shybut we must say he has some strange spastic friends (thoughtful looking jon)and he lives ridiculously near to sch. which seems rather unfair right? (biennale 08)but its ok. we all know you can't have everything/colour in life. (drawing [...]

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Hi people. I'm going where the sun shines too much, I face the ground too often to care and pixels are the new black. The grass is greener on the other side, and so will everything else so no worries about any pseudo lorries questioning my colour sensibilities at least. I am officially downgrading from the Little Red Dot to its pimple tomorrow, so expect to see me in 2 weeks plus needing yun nam hair treatment and Loy's mythical SPF 130 sun lotion, a handy tool I'm sure if I'm ever in urgent need of something to deflect laser [...]

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Hi people, its been a while but coursework is finally over. Whee. I think. Prelims have come and gone without so much as a blip on our radars, and the dearth of mugging shall soon present itself in our prelim grades. Mugging the morning before the paper itself is not exactly the best way to guarantee a good result. To arters: Its been a strangely wonderful/tiring/tofuish month but the company made everything worthwhile. Thanks for all the help throughout the journey, love our class. For you sad folk out there who have no idea who all these weirdly wonderful people [...]

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What bored people do during GP.Presenting: Hey there Delilah - a parody.HEY THERE MIKE TEAVEEHey, its Survivor,let's continue watching TV,I haven't left this filthy couch,since the 1970s.Oh wait I have.But boy those bathroom breaks were fast,I didn't batheHey its The Bachelor,watching this show makes me cry.I have only had a single date,since poor old momma died,ten years ago...And that date was with a ho,she paid to go.Oh, it's what you do to me.Oh, it's watching you TV.Oh, it's what you do to me.Oh, reality TV.Addicted to TV.Hey look its idol,I think Randy's really cute,Paula Abdul is a sycophant,and Ryan makes [...]

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Hello people, I dunno why I'm blogging now but somehow I just feel like it. That and insomnia. Life seems quite aimless now, like some mindless amalgamation of coursework and stoning. For the past week I've been sort of floating in a post CT academic paralysis bliss, though admittedly that bliss has been tainted by my efforts to shove Blue's Clues closer to the 50% mark. Brighten one's day, being owned by a pig does not. Well the half year mark has passed and prelims ( as lorraine so kindly reminds us) is a mere 46 days away, so the [...]

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