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Hello people, havent blogged in quite a while, as seems to be the trend these days. As of last thursday my days of mugging have officially ended (for now), and Im free to go back to what little of a social life I have. As for my Cts themselves I crashed and burned phsyics, hoepull the rest are ok.

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Hello people, I'm back after a long absence. Having mostly mugged finished, i shall grant myself a break and do a spot of blogging. Recently my life has been confined to the fabled halls of Orchard Library and the cosy corners of coffee bean. And since there's been a request of my mugging schedule I shall give you the quick and easy on how to mug 3 subjects in 8 days: namely start mugging at 11am and stop mugging at 12am. If your sanity isn't gone by then, as i suspect mine is, you can stop worrying about dying for [...]

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Hello friends, this blogpost is one week early but i felt i should respond to certain xuyu allegations. If you've read her/his blog, you'll see that she has quoted me out of context, turning what was one a satire on the gayness of adding x to the end of every word as a example of my lack excess of estrogen.Of course being the magnanamious man i am, coupled with the fact that such an allegation is as believable as the following chat: *helpohcy: im going to plow through my chat convos to find something worse than that quote shaway et [...]

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Hello people, i have returned at long last from 5 days of camp. As such, my mind is not mentally functioning up to scratch enough to do a proper post on the camp itself, though im sure the PLs of each patrol would be very happy if i were to list down the events of the camp in full detail for their patrol logs. As such, i shall be a lazy uncreative sloth and kope stuff from random blogs.Ge's blog1. 4 names in your inbox?Ge, Jerry Loy, Px, Laodi. Just so you know, even though they're all girls this is [...]

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