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Hi people, its been a while but coursework is finally over. Whee. I think. Prelims have come and gone without so much as a blip on our radars, and the dearth of mugging shall soon present itself in our prelim grades. Mugging the morning before the paper itself is not exactly the best way to guarantee a good result. To arters: Its been a strangely wonderful/tiring/tofuish month but the company made everything worthwhile. Thanks for all the help throughout the journey, love our class. For you sad folk out there who have no idea who all these weirdly wonderful people [...]

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What bored people do during GP.Presenting: Hey there Delilah - a parody.HEY THERE MIKE TEAVEEHey, its Survivor,let's continue watching TV,I haven't left this filthy couch,since the 1970s.Oh wait I have.But boy those bathroom breaks were fast,I didn't batheHey its The Bachelor,watching this show makes me cry.I have only had a single date,since poor old momma died,ten years ago...And that date was with a ho,she paid to go.Oh, it's what you do to me.Oh, it's watching you TV.Oh, it's what you do to me.Oh, reality TV.Addicted to TV.Hey look its idol,I think Randy's really cute,Paula Abdul is a sycophant,and Ryan makes [...]

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Hello people, I dunno why I'm blogging now but somehow I just feel like it. That and insomnia. Life seems quite aimless now, like some mindless amalgamation of coursework and stoning. For the past week I've been sort of floating in a post CT academic paralysis bliss, though admittedly that bliss has been tainted by my efforts to shove Blue's Clues closer to the 50% mark. Brighten one's day, being owned by a pig does not. Well the half year mark has passed and prelims ( as lorraine so kindly reminds us) is a mere 46 days away, so the [...]

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Hello friends, despite the fact that its only been a measly 100 days since my last post I have decided to blog again. Seems barely yesterday that CT1s had ended and now CT2s have come and flown by again, with all the pace and speed of a intoxicated hot air balloon. It has been a long month. Despite the fact that I have been spending more time in the hallowed halls of RJC then out of it it has been quite an interesting time, so for the sake of posterity and dementia I shall keep a record of it here.Spent [...]

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Hello dudes and dudettes. Tis a time of celebration, for CTs are over and my three weeks of social isolation are over. Beyond the fact that my Universe has been confined by the boundaries of art room and home for the last three weeks, and every meal I've eaten in that period has been crammed with lipidy junk goodness, my life has been pretty much the same. (Though now that i think about it that isn't much of a difference from my normal life anyway.) Since the start of my Jekyll and Hyde transformation into a mugger, I have been [...]

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Today, the 29th of February, is Superman's 70th birthday. Happy Birthday Superman.I hope I still look like that at the ripe old age of 70, assuming of course, that I look like that at the age of 25. You know, a little exercise, a little steak, a little plastic surgery, a ton or so of protein powder and steroids and anything's possible.One can dream.

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Hello people. Tis I, ohcy, back from the chocolate laden indulgences of valentines day, here to blog because that's what Superman would do.YesterdayAh, valentines day, a day of love, happiness and empty wallets. This year, I have officially decided that I shall not be part of this overly commercialized and meaningless holiday, and I say this because I am just too lazy/busy to actually go and buy stuff. Besides, I find the theory that a baby in diapers decides my every crush a wee bit repulsive. Oh, and have you ever noticed that cupid when reversed spells out dipuc?hmmmm......All in [...]

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Hello dudes and happy chinese new year. Celebrate for the time has come again when we embrace the bounty of chinese cultural goodies bestowed upon us on this happy day, a.k.a the ang paos and the snacks. Slept at a rather monstrous hour doing my art assignment, and I know this because a certain nocturnal creature of the night fell asleep before me, a remarkable and rare occurrence that will probably never happen again save for copious amounts of red bull. To all art students out there: jiayou for art assignment, and try not to feel too sad that I [...]

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Hey hey hey. I'm actually blogging a mere two weeks after my last post. Which in essence means I'm really bored, but not bored enough to cross the threshold that is my high mugging activation energy. Its been almost one month into the start of school, and already reported sightings of muggers in the canteen are stressing me out.It all began one harmless break. I had moved off to buy myself a nice cup of teh bing and enjoy a quiet reading of my reader's digest when the glint of a GC entered the corner of my eye. Turning around [...]

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