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Hey hey hey. I'm actually blogging a mere two weeks after my last post. Which in essence means I'm really bored, but not bored enough to cross the threshold that is my high mugging activation energy. Its been almost one month into the start of school, and already reported sightings of muggers in the canteen are stressing me out.It all began one harmless break. I had moved off to buy myself a nice cup of teh bing and enjoy a quiet reading of my reader's digest when the glint of a GC entered the corner of my eye. Turning around [...]

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Greetings dudes, dudettes and everything in between. Hold your gasps of surprise for yes, I have returned to the blogosphere. Its been a busy and eventful holidays of angsty fun and happy worrying, but as of now all seems right with the world, the birds are singing, the sleigh bells ringing and I feel happy.In an update on my personal life, I am happy to announce I am finally 17, or 5 and 2/3 years if you're a hiok/wenyu/scout. Had a fun filled birthday where we celebrated our unique bond of friendship, trust and love by spraying bullets at each [...]

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