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Random bit of Advertising. Check out cool notebooks at:BRAIN REMOVAL INCORPORATEDAnd here I include a quote from their website:"This is Brain Removal Incorporated, where we surgically remove your brain (yes neurons, synapses and all) if you refuse to leave it at the door. Here, we believe everyone enjoys a better existence without their grey matter, and so we’re here to bring you that experience. Clearly, simple badges and notebooks really aren’t enough to provide the full exhilarating sensation of a neuro operation but strangely ironically, brain removal is really all in the head. Sorta like a… mental exercise. All you [...]

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(Disclaimer: This post too, was not written by me. If you can't tell. It was written by a certain beansprout loving friend of mine who coincidentally knew my blog password.) this is a story about bean sprouts. what colour they really are, chinyang will never know.once upon a time, when the art room was surrounded by lush greenery in cheap plastic pots in a distant dream the ancient ones called coursework, chinyang was given a plant that had a broken one wanted the plant because it was well broken at the stem. and in plant land, that means its a [...]

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