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Let’s Play A Game

I have practically no homework this week. I’m still waiting for a talking bunny in a top hat to bounce over and tell me I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, but for now I shall do my best to appreciate this astronomically unlikely freedom and do another update. When I was making a transition from my old website to my current one, I realized that the move to a fresh site afforded me the opportunity to narrow the focus of my postings. To focus on my blob comics for example, or devote my time to writing about the amusing (although [...]

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Where No One Knows My Name (a.k.a. Spring Break in Boston)

Day 0 Weeks of preparation and planning (in which I did almost absolutely nothing besides research for good food) had come and gone, and it was finally time for our much anticipated Spring Break trip to the Land of the Lobster Roll. Recognizing that our mutual fondness for sleeping might cause us to miss our early morning flight, we gathered in K-Dawg's Crib to party the night away with food and games till it was time for us to catch our 3am cab to the airport. Loading up the ole playstation 1 emulator on my laptop, we took turns engaging [...]

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