The Unintended Strip Tease

//The Unintended Strip Tease

Hello folks, the oc s boys are probably making snow angels now as hell freezes over but yes, I’m actually blogging within three months of my previous post. Went for my medical checkup for DSTA yesterday with some trepidation. After all you don’t go to work for a defense science organization without expecting them to at least make you half robot, though I guess veterinarian scholars would have it worse.

And so I made the early morning trip to Paragon where after 15 min of searching I ended up entering the wrong medical center. Despite repeated inquiries the only speck of advice the receptionist could give me was “Its next to metro.”, which granted would have been wonderful advice if I’d actually known that metro was a shop and not a description of Adam Lambert. As tempting as running around Paragon looking for a guy in an overly tight pink shirt was though, my detective skills prevailed and I deduced that being in a shopping center Metro was in all likelihood a shop. Brilliance I know. And so I wandered around Paragon for another 15 min looking for that stupid shop before finally finding it in some obscure corner of the shopping center.

Went through some normal medical survey thing, before going for my height and weight test.


Following that while waiting for them to process my stuff I went off to use the loo so of course naturally the first thing that they asked me to do upon my return was a urine test. Following that (a long while later), they shoveled me off to see the doctor for a routine medical examination. Took off my shoes and got on the funny bed like thing when I realised, to put it delicately, that the window to my domain was half open. Demoralizing stuff. Shoving my immense mortification aside, I yanked my shirt down to cover myself and silently thanked my brother for his past prediliction for oversized shirts. And then it happened, the female doctor spoke the 4 words I’d never thought I’d regret hearing from a girl:

“Take off your shirt.”

Wanting to get it over with quickly, I removed what seemed like a 50kg shirt and prayed that her eyes weren’t half as open as my jeans as she prodded and tapped my stomach in what will probably be the closest I’ll ever get to an erotic massage. Thankfully though, my zip was less then halfway down and i fixed it the moment her back was turned so I doubt she noticed anything.

After that I went for some chest X-Ray thing on the seventh floor where for the second time that day a girl in a lab coat asked me to take off my shirt, followed rapidly by “But only your shirt! Only your shirt.” I suppose then that either I have the face of a drug addled rapist or word had trickled down from above and more things were noticed previously then I had believed. Somehow I prefer the former option.

Well that was pretty much the conclusion of the whole traumatic medical checkup experience so I made my way back to school to stone while waiting for ge to come over for some guitar hero action. Found the art room open and went in to find the J1s doing their UOB painting, reinforcing my belief that most art students are intrinsically emo. Did everything from sweep the floor, wash the sink and pace a trench around the art room and was contemplating chopping off my head and playing bowling with it when ge finally arrived and we trooped off to surmount the heights of Braddell. Despite all our plans to guitar hero the day away we ended up playing 4 guitar hero songs and spent the rest of the day singing karaoke party instead. I’m proud to announce that our account has now made the high scores for 3 songs, and 21st place in the world for the past year for 1, thanks mostly in part to her singing and my superior skills as her manager which mostly involved forced her to drink water, serving her liang teh and trying not to laugh during 3 straight minutes of falsetto. There is a new force to be reckoned with in Karaoke Party and its name is PSS. All in all a fun day.


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