Hello friends, yes I’m back for one of those increasingly sporadic updates on my personal life. Amazing I know. Well despite my long absence from the blogging scene it should be heartening to note that the most exciting change in my life recently may very well be my new superman wallpaper. Yes, my life is still more boring then yours. Army has had its ups and downs, usually in counts of twenty, and for the sake of making myself look cooler then I really am, I have to regretfully inform you that I am unable to divulge anything on my training under the OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT. Yes it’s official and it’s secret and it’s an act. I am that cool.

Anyway if you’re curious as to why I’ve roused from my blogging slumber, an unfortunate bout of illness has left me stranded at home with nothing to do but watch American Idol reruns on TV. And blog apparently. My weekends have pretty much been spent frolicking around town and teaching at Toa Payoh South CC on Saturdays, though I say teaching very loosely since I pretty much spend half the session being slave driven by two pri 2 girls into drawing every disney princess in existence. Yup, that’d totally inspire the respect and admiration of my army mates. On the bright side I can now recall the color of each princesses’ hair and dress which is always a useful thing to know when you’re colorblind and hang around lorry.

In other news I managed to catch Wolverine last week. It was fine enough entertainment I suppose with the requisite sob story and wow-that’s-cool action scenes. I must admit however, that I never did get the whole appeal of Wolverine in the first place. I mean, if he’s daigor’s favorite superhero surely there has to be something wrong with him. The main gripe I have of course, is the whole notion that a metal laced skeleton is a good thing (Ge, yours doesn’t count). By the time you’re thirty you’ve either been struck by lightning more times than team rocket or have been rotting in airport customs hell for the last twenty years. And for all you testosterone overdosed jocks who think he has a cool catchphrase: “I’m the best at what I do, and what I do isn’t very nice.” Please, he sounds like a garbage collector. A highly efficient garbage collector granted, but a garbage collector nonetheless.

Sigh. It strikes me now that I’m spending a perfectly fine Saturday bashing a fictional comic book superhero. Oh to have fallen so far.

Kk, boredom only goes so far, farewell folks.


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