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And here I include a quote from their website:

“This is Brain Removal Incorporated, where we surgically remove your brain (yes neurons, synapses and all) if you refuse to leave it at the door. Here, we believe everyone enjoys a better existence without their grey matter, and so we’re here to bring you that experience.

Clearly, simple badges and notebooks really aren’t enough to provide the full exhilarating sensation of a neuro operation but strangely ironically, brain removal is really all in the head. Sorta like a… mental exercise. All you have to do thus, is to grab a notebook, have some faith, chant the magic words and do the Brainless Dance and you’ll be in da hood.

Peace out.”

Their current collection includes:

#1: Numbing Namibian Notebooks
#2: Medieval Surgical Instrument Sketchbooks
#3: Life Direction Guidelines

If nothing else go look at the pretty site. I know what all you boys are thinking, why buy a brain removal kit when you can just let NS do it for you? But remember than as in all things in life there’s nothing like getting a head start when you’re emptying one. As for the girls why not get your special someone a belated valentines day gift. After all, nothing says I love you like telling the person you love deep deep you want to separate his brain from the general vicinity of his skull. So take the step, get a kit and clear your mind. You’ll find in the end that despite all you’ve been told grey matter really doesnt.

Trust me, I’m a army boy.

Tata folks.

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