(Disclaimer: I did not write this post. Lorry requested access to my blog for reasons that are now apparent to me. Haha, but it’s a nice post. Thanks lorry. )

this is an epic story about a boy. a hardworking boy
hmm maybe not. a sleepy boy.
a dirty boy (on his way to the shower after monotyping overnight)
a sleepy dirty boy
who can be quite shy
but we must say he has some strange spastic friends (thoughtful looking jon)
and he lives ridiculously near to sch. which seems rather unfair right? (biennale 08)
but its ok. we all know you can’t have everything/colour in life. (drawing by chinyang)
but it does not matter. chinyang knows he is special (suntec last day of garden fest)
and that he is superman.
which makes him jealous of everything else that can fly.
and his love for chem and artworks (chinyang’s notes with bad handwriting)
brings him to many exhibitions (suntec)
and fashion shows to see runway models (r proj)
here he is with 8 of them.
but in his spare time he likes to do some reflecting (biennale 08)
and spend a long moment in solitude (biennale 08)
and once that is over, he likes campfires too. (post coursework feast)
And he likes making new friends! (bubble buddy centre, new jersey)
but in the process he may lose somethings (“was i carrying a bag just now?”)
which is the price to pay to see the world. (j2s, mr chia and mrs toh at statue of liberty)
and the world’s museums (the met)
and try their food (hardrock cafe NY)
even if the food seems dubious (ian getting eaten)
chinyang is not fussy about the food he eats. (be they hotdogs or someone else’s egg tart)
and he will miss his traveling trips and his traveling buddies (aww.)
but back home he assumes back his secret identity (omega night dec 30th 08)
or maybe its not such a secret
together he and his crew must battle the forces of evil. (royce which side are you on?)
and they save the cheerleader!
even our hero gets no rest. he is still a sleepy dirty boy (dec 31st 08)
a shocked and no longer sleepy but still dirty boy
with friends who try their best not to oversleep. (well we tried)
and friends who are able to give him a pedicure (ian btw)
or a manicure. (such multi-talented friends he has)
and friends to teach him the ways of fashionable manly bomb.
so chinyang is a happy boy
with pretty friends (heh heh heh)
and a best non-sister friend
and scouty friends
and more scouty friends
happy hopeful and mysterious friends
and the most retarded friends of all, arty friends
who try their best to sing (k box 4 jan wah super ex.)
and have a natural talent to eat almost anything (half half?)even when danger lurks around the corner (or in his bed in ny)
his friends will be there for him (ah we miss ben!)


special thanks to my (Bald Enlisted Nocturnal) accomplice and chinyang and daigor
in memory of chinyang.
NS 9jan2009-

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  1. Berny January 10, 2009 at 5:37 pm - Reply

    CHINYANG! you are so awesome. i miss you my super-print-silkscreen-tutee-open-art-room-door-in-the-morning-eat-kueh-bahulu-buy-lunch/dinner-from-j8-sao-di-de-xiao-di-friend!

  2. Mr Furtive Smile March 27, 2009 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    Heheh keep it up Chin Yang!

  3. Anonymous August 12, 2010 at 1:03 pm - Reply

    Nice brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

  4. Bakhirun March 8, 2011 at 8:25 pm - Reply

    Well well well Chinyang, I stumbled across you while you were sleeping on Google Images! Oh sorry, did it hurt at all?

    Anyway your blog is catchy and appealing. How come I never saw you the last time I was in Singapore? I walked all over the city (especially liked the Aquatic Centre at Redhill) but then I had to come home to Jakarta to see your blog. Oh well. Do you ever come down here? Have a look at my nutty stuff too, both on YouTube (bakhirun’s channel) and at http://www.iglu-cilutung.blogspot.com. Aloha, BB

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