Hi people, its been a while but coursework is finally over. Whee. I think. Prelims have come and gone without so much as a blip on our radars, and the dearth of mugging shall soon present itself in our prelim grades. Mugging the morning before the paper itself is not exactly the best way to guarantee a good result. To arters: Its been a strangely wonderful/tiring/tofuish month but the company made everything worthwhile. Thanks for all the help throughout the journey, love our class. For you sad folk out there who have no idea who all these weirdly wonderful people are, here’s a brief introduction to Artedraffles, 0708. By no particular order except for the one in my art contact list:

1)Pix, also known as Vegetables Respect the Holidays, and the queen of OCD and still lifes. You know the saying 只要功夫深,铁棒磨成针。Well with her it applies to sharpening pencils. The person to go to if you want something done perfect, and don’t mind reincarnating a few times before you get it. Also the owner of a death ray known as the PX stare. Ph34r and +r3mbl3.
2)Syaz, the lover of anything pink, pretty and well, pink, and master watercolour artist. Also has one of the most distinctive voices in the art room.
3)IAN, resident clay master, well schooled in the ninja arts of dodging every idea thrown at him, his face has suffered much for the sake of our amusement. Often has his hands in other people’s pockets. No, I don’t think he’s looking for the money. Will sell his soul for two pieces of bread.
4)Lorry, saver of overturned plant pots and resident domestic worker of the art room. Constant provider of the ambrosia that is pad thai, cleaner of the sink, and many other things I can’t remember. Thanks lorry, if I have accomplished much, it is by standing on the shoulders of gi… nevermind.
5)Qiong Ye, mysterious person who vanishes in and out of the art room from the shadowy abode known as RI boarding. Second other person who lives closer to the school then me. Envy.
6)Luo Chen, master of faces, often hidden behind a mask and yellow eye protectors. Has shortened all of our lives by ten years by acrylic dust poisoning. Also a chinese kungfu master at the fighting art of Nintendo Wii Boxing.
7)Hui Zhen, super fast worker, and probably the only person who’ll ever believe a cardboard box is a 800 degrees C firing kiln. Also gets pranked by Mr Chia more often then the rest of the class put together, leaving the rest of us highly amused. Thanks.
8)Ben, the light warrior and defender of all that is anti chipmunk. Can be tortured by pounding chipmunk with a fist, though I do not advise it unless you want px to throw a chair at you. Also the only pacifist worms player I have ever known. Behind his harmless exterior lies a dangerous weapon. Just throw him into a room and scream the seven magic words to set him off, though to date only ge has been evil enough to do so.
9)Yong Feng, mysterious generous person of the art class, whose song is rarer then that of the Himalayan spotted Bandicoot which I strongly suspect does not exist. Secretly owns a chain of bakeries and has been dating weili for the past 7 years. Since weili is a figment of mine and ben’s imagination I feel a bit sad for him but ah well true love knows no boundaries. One day we shall hear him sing.
10)Shuhan, a.k.a. “the bimbo but without the brains” as she termed herself. A watercolour master and resident Jay Chou fan who has provided endless entertainment with the breadth and lack of depth of her comments.
11) Yen Lin, Art Class Rep, graphic master and all round super pro art person. Master cake cutter along with lady shuhan, lover of lines and along with shuhan a source of great amusement to the art class with their endless quotable quotes.
12) Ge, also known as Elvis of Elvis and the Gogos. The person to contact if you ever need to paint a dustbin on the wall outside your house, to irritate the neigbourhood cat if nothing else. Never fails to brighten up the mood with her hysterical laughter, and happy go lucky ways. Can never be woken up once asleep which provides for many interesting opportunities if you have a marker and jigglypuff aspirations, though none of us have ever gone that far. To those who have, I salute you. Also the owner of the dirtiest Imagination I have ever seen. In a sense.
13)Berny, Queen of Print Kingdom, silkscreen master and our resident little emo ray of sunshine, an endless source of comments that by all rights should tear away every shred of optimism and hope from our sad and sorry souls but which never fail to amuse us anyway.
Dig and bit deeper and you’ll find that beneath her angsty and emo shell lies a deep and passionate love for the art room floor above all else.
14)Queenie, painter extraordinaire, resident master of photoshop and a member of the print room club. Another super pro art person, though beneath her innocent and ladylike exterior lies dark cannibalistic urges revealed only under the stress of coursework and the prospect of not eating dinner for another 45 mins. Looks forward to meals more than any other person I know.
15)Joshua Tan, owner of Wabbit/Tofu/Mogu Mogu, and funny person whose jokes have amused us through many sova lessons. Resident nice guy, and the proud creator of a really cool coursework which I advise all of you to go see.
16)Ian (without the caps), storybook artist ( the book is damn cool ), and the respected teacher of Art Class 101: How not to destroy the print blanket when doing a print.
17)Smint, fellow digimon fan and another member of the print room club. Paints funny lego pieces that thankfully still have their heads stuck on, and provider of art class cookies of which I’m ashamed to say I consumed quite a few.
18)Jon, also known as 猪拿蛋马是米脸果为人,fellow vocal power house along with Ge, Art Class Rep and all round art pro. Enjoys talking to a large degree though I don’t understand why when he can say everything through interpretive dance. Imitates voices, particularly one, like no one else can. Thanks for all the laughter, smses and song dance routines with ge.
19)Zixamama: Art class mamma (or is that lorraine?), and master namer of picture files. Lover of anything vintage and retro, will probably end up being one of those millionaire karang guni workers we’ve all heard about. Might also end up as a getai singer named purple mama though don’t get your hopes up.
20)Mr Chia and Mrs Toh, the two most wonderful teacher’s I’ve ever had, I would be really freaked out if they read this but really thanks alot.

And that about sums up the people I’ve been slogging through coursework with for the last year or so. Also a shout out to all the people who’ve aided us in our journey. Fried! Ivan! Bix! XX! Thanks for all the time you all spent helping us, particularly Ivan who isn’t even part of our class but spent so much time helping us anyway, we would have foamed without you all.

Well then, this is probably my last proper post for a very long while again, and the non arters are probably very confused by all the inside references. Woops. To the arters out there, coursework is over at last, lets man together and recover our studies in time for A level. Think Adidas.


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