Hello people, I dunno why I’m blogging now but somehow I just feel like it. That and insomnia. Life seems quite aimless now, like some mindless amalgamation of coursework and stoning. For the past week I’ve been sort of floating in a post CT academic paralysis bliss, though admittedly that bliss has been tainted by my efforts to shove Blue’s Clues closer to the 50% mark. Brighten one’s day, being owned by a pig does not. Well the half year mark has passed and prelims ( as lorraine so kindly reminds us) is a mere 46 days away, so the time seems ripe for a nice introspective post.

Quite sad really thinking that we’ll all soon be going our separate ways, flying to the corners of the globe to begin our final round of academic slogging. Granted everywhere is now but a 747 away, but do note that for someone who walks across the road to school every morning distances take on a rather different scale. Yeah, everyone will promise to keep in touch on gradnight but looking at past experiences one somehow doubts. Ah well, facebook will prevail. Life in RJC has really been a rush of new experiences (if not geographically then mentally) and save a few speed bumps it has been the happiest period of my life so far, and with nothing but green/brown/wadever uniforms lurking in the foreseeable future I doubt that’ll change anytime soon.

When I really think about it though the two things that have defined my JC life the most are Scouts and Art. Scouts is … scouts. Nothing much more I can say about that. Sure we may complain once in a while about the chances we missed, the opportunities we gave up to go wear that $%$#@ itchy scarf but all in all I think if given the choice we would all still choose to walk the same path.

Or almost the same path. PLTC, I can skip. (right leng and arnie? )

Art has been, well, fun. I still remember deliberating like crazy whether or not to take econs or art, whether to go with the “safe career” but omgihateessays choice or the more interesting one. Thankfully I had the foresight to give up the horrors of a 2 hr writing paper for the fun of scrubbing what seems like a never ending spam of intaglio ink from rollers at 7 in the morning, ( a substance which I suspects ranks higher than putrefied pitch in the sacred list of justburnthebloodyshirt stains) and…. a 3 hour writing paper. Its fun stuff.


Beyond that, I love my art class too ( sorry Ian, that’s not just you), everyone seems to be weird in their own delightfully quirky way. I think we’re somehow all bonded by trauma. The art room has almost become a sort of second home for me, and I find myself popping in to take a peek everytime I walk past. Or maybe I’m just be addicted to the turpentine smell. You never know. As Mr C so delightfully put it we now have less then 5 days worth of time to finish our coursework, so I suspect that more bonding opportunities will offer themselves up gratuitously. Jiayou everyone.

Aside from art though life feels quite aimless now. Reaching that seasonal funk again where despite the time spent teaching the kids I seem to be achieving absolutely nothing in my tuition CIPs. Sigh. I need to find some 1 to 1 teaching opportunities with a fixed student. Group tutoring doesnt really achieve much in my experience, especially at my beginner level of tutoring.

Tired. Off to bed. Seems somehow futile saying this but lets all keep in touch eh?

Oh, and this might not apply to everyone but honestly, relatively speaking, life is really not that tough.

No canoeist will see this before the finals are over but jiayou canoeists anyway. Griffles go pwn their ass.


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