Hello friends, despite the fact that its only been a measly 100 days since my last post I have decided to blog again. Seems barely yesterday that CT1s had ended and now CT2s have come and flown by again, with all the pace and speed of a intoxicated hot air balloon. It has been a long month. Despite the fact that I have been spending more time in the hallowed halls of RJC then out of it it has been quite an interesting time, so for the sake of posterity and dementia I shall keep a record of it here.

Spent the last day of the holiday following bix with sian ying to see her do her R proj stuff, before a nice dinner/snack at Glutton’s Bay. Went to watch some arts fest performance to after that with silei, huimin and joshua, though lacking silei’s periscope action height I was not able to see much of it. The first few days of the holidays was fun enough, what with getting bad stomach flu the day before R project along with friend bix. Arrived at the stupid place one and a half hours early because I confused the exhibition opening time with the start of the show. Stupidity i know, but sick friend bix did the exact same thing and thus i place the blame fully on the shoulders of the oyster egg seller who i am moderately sure owned my stomach. R project itself was quite fun, Hiok you looked like a slut, though as hungry as I am for quality foundation and eyeliner, I fail to see the necessity of paying 20 dollars for a ticket when the free goodies they gave us cost more than that.

After those first happy three days, I made my quarter yearly migration to the art room to begin my hardcoring for art. Now that I look back though I can’t believe I did so little despite spending so much time in that room. Nothing much of interest happened during the first week and a half or so.

The second wednesday of the week was friend yap’s birthday, where I wasted half a day of my life trying to help throw a surprise birthday party for someone who already knew about it the morning before. Set a few tasks such as asking him to run next to some manly army running warriors and verbally admire their impressive physique, though I guess for that task the reward lay in the task itself. Ended it all with going to his house for a “surprise” birthday dinner, and if I could make those quotation marks bigger I would.

We were supposed to sneak of to Royce’s house to set up the party stuff leaving me with him to stall for time. Expecting them to drift off one by one or to have already told him they were not staying for dinner earlier, I made no inquiries as to just how they were going to do so. His second last task had just been completed and we were sauntering along east coast park, jovially chatting when suddenly:

Interact and Gang: “Eh we cannot stay for dinner, have to go home for dinner. Bye!”

Whole group walks off.

Royce * cheery smile* : “Thanks guys! Bye!”

0.5 seconds later *turns to me*

Royce (=.=”): “They are damn bad liars.”

After dinner we just sat around chatting awhile, before i finally left to go home and prepare for Y camp.

The next day itself was the beginning of a 4 day 3 night camp called Y camp. It was really an experience. Go for it. Fun stuff.

The end of Y camp and the second week of june holidays marked the beginning of my mugging period and I can honestly say that starting to mug really really sucks. Of course mugging sucks on a general basis, but focusing on owning exams one day after Y camp is the chocolate icing on the cake we have but can’t eat.

Can’t really remember much of what happened during that sorry 2 weeks, though i do seem to recall being accosted by some scouts juniors who were carrying poles to braddell westlake. Seeing the uncalled cry for help in their eyes, I generously offered my help. Well actually they just directly asked for it. I took one pole each from most of them and helped them carry it. Upon reaching the overhead bridge, who should I see but another pair of young scouty chaps thirsting for physical labour to prove their worth, so I gallantly dumped my poles on them and walked away stoically, arms held loosely at my side, for I could no longer do anything else with them. All right, I know that sitting in a chair for 3 weeks its not exactly a steroid pumping fitness regime but don’t think I don’t know you gave me your heaviest poles.

For the uninitiated, I shall provide some information on scout poles. These are divided into 3 simple classes. The first class is the “Matchstick Pole”, a rare genre of poles a three month old chimpanzee could use as a javelin. The second class would be the normal poles. I surmise that no explanation is needed here. The third class would be the “I drink Grow Pole”, a sort of calcium overdosed jock class of poles, which I surmise were among the poles dumped on me.

(Besides these three general classes, one more legendary pole still exists, the 如意金箍棒 pole, which has wafted in and out of the ages in the arms of various suffering souls. I myself have had the misfortune of carrying it once, and it is da omega bomb heavy. Friend arnie should remember it)

After that merry little bit of distraction, went back to mugging in the raffles rooms. It is at this point that I would like to thank Daniao for giving me free use of his bike during the hols. People mugging in school during the holidays would have probably wondered at this strange guy cycling around school with no purpose whatsoever, but it was these mini cycling breaks that kept me sane as i wrestled with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (try saying that 5 times really quickly) and physics tutorials with wrong printed answers, which on a side note seriously piss me off.

Nothing much exciting ever really happens during mugging, so that about sums up my june holidays. CTs were ok I guess, nothing much to say about that too. Felt an indescribable rush on friday after Physics CT ended though. After the last paper went out with soph, sy and gang for lunch, before joining my class for a double movie marathon. Get Smart is freaking hilarious. I laughed till my stomach hurt. 21 was average, and no, the guy is not as hot in the movie as he looks on the posters. Lagged around as usual after that, before going with Xinyi, Loy and Yewei to Mind Cafe for lunch. Played cluedo and jungle speed till like 10 am, and the antics of my compatriots provided an endless source of amusement.

Scene 1

Loy with all cards on the table, and eagerly awaiting the presence of the green colour card that would guarantee her victory. The same Loy who incidentally hadn’t won a single game of jungle speed all night.

*Xinyi’s turn to turn over card.”

Yewei: “eh eh! Xuewei going to win already! Quickly if you get green must snatch before her!”

Xuewei leans forward with a great deal of indignition, swiftly berating friend Foo: “OI! How can you…”

*Xinyi quickly flips open her (green) card and snatches the stick*

Xuewei: “do this kind of thi…… Eh?! EEEEHHHH!!!”


After that Joshua crashed my house where we played random things till morning and I left for school to do some art room construction stuff. More fun beckoned afterwards as art ppl too crashed my house and we whiled the afternoon away playing games less intellectual than one square tic tac toe. Spasming Chanseys, lagging reactions and suicidal, girder happy worms were the order of the day as we dribbled our minds away into CT-free oblivion. I haven’t had this much retarded fun in quite a while.

One last day of freedom before Art hardcoring starts again. Sigh. Jiayou everyone.


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