Hello people. Tis I, ohcy, back from the chocolate laden indulgences of valentines day, here to blog because that’s what Superman would do.


Ah, valentines day, a day of love, happiness and empty wallets. This year, I have officially decided that I shall not be part of this overly commercialized and meaningless holiday, and I say this because I am just too lazy/busy to actually go and buy stuff. Besides, I find the theory that a baby in diapers decides my every crush a wee bit repulsive. Oh, and have you ever noticed that cupid when reversed spells out dipuc?


All in all, valentines day seems like a fishy occasion to me, and over the years I have formulated what is now known widely in academic circles as : THE VALENTINES DAY THEORY


Observation: Every year during valentine’s day, we see 2 different types of people. Those who have a nice bag full of valentines day goodies, and those who can set up a Willa Wonka chocolate factory. (The greek gods and goddesses)

Hypothesis: Valentines Day is part of the circle of life.

How this works:

Situation 1 (No valentine’s day):

All the good looking people get married. All their children are good looking. Infidelity increases. Plastic surgeon’s are out of business. Extreme Makeover stops showing. Superman comics finally stop printing and the world ends.

Situation 2 (With valentine’s day)

The world doesn’t end. Scouts still exist. I am happy.

How this works:

Step 1: Greek gods and goddesses get bountiful harvest of chocolate.

Step 2: Greek gods and goddesses consume bountiful harvest of chocolate.

Step 3: Greek gods and goddesses become obese, unfit sloths.

Step 4: Geek gods and goddesses now rule the earth as the new Greek gods and Goddesses.

Step 5: The circle of life is maintained.

Of course the fact that I have been dateless on valentines day for the past 17 years seems to cast some doubt on this theory. On a side note, if you actually believe this crap please seek help. On the other hand if you believe that the world will end when Superman stops printing call me and we can be best fwends.

Moving on to more rational things, yesterday was actually quite a boring day. Spent most of it doing my Wonder Woman monotype, went out for class dinner and then went back to school to pass dinner to lorraine. Joshua joined me at this point and he decided to crash my house. Since it was around 11 p.m. at that point, we decided to just climb the gate and heck care.

Sneaking out towards the canteen, we soon spotted a security guard coming towards us. Swift as a sparrow we changed course to the toilet and pretended we were drinking water so he wouldn’t think we were trying to climb the canteen gate. Of course there is a human limit to how long one can drink water so after a while I stopped and filled up my water bottle. And then I filled up Joshua’s water bottle. And then I drank more water. And more water. Just as I was about to explode, the security guard vanished into the toilet and we dashed off towards the canteen, like the ultra cool super spies we were pretending to be. Creeping towards the canteen fence with our ninja like stealth, we threw our bags over the fence, swiftly climbed the fence, vaulted over onto the temple wall and leaped down with a soft thud.

Ultra cool baby.

Looking at each other with exhilaration and excitement, we sneaked off silently into the night. Soon enough though, I realised my ninja compatriot was no longer next to me, but had paused a few meters behind me, staring at the unlocked gate we had never bothered to check.

Life is tough.


Today was TAKE5. Had fun just repeatedly strolling around, taking in the sea breeze and being moderately anti social. Watched the nice performances, got owned in captains ball, fought joshua twice on the stick fighting thing, went roller blading, injured myself repeatedly, had a very nice long sit by the seaside chatting, went to a hong kong restaurant for lunch, took a long bus ride home.

Yup that about sums it up. Not a bad day.


(I have no idea what dipuc means. I bet you googled it.)

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