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In here are some of the programming projects and assignments I’ve done over the last 2 years or so as a ECE student in CMU. I’m in the process of debugging and fixing some of my existing projects as the weeks go by so this page is still a work in progress. But anyhow, do try them out and give some feedback so I/we can improve them. Oh and also, programming is really cool and you should all go learn it.


Flappy Bird Therapy

After dying in Flappy Bird for what seemed like the 1000th time, I began dreaming of a world where a poor, stupid, pudgy, big-lipped bird could flap all he wanted without fear of Pipe. So I made it. Fly free you stupid little bird, fly free.

12 Parsecs

Weave through an asteroid field with enemy fighter ships in hot pursuit. Dash through narrow gaps, phase through asteroids and cackle evilly as your pursuers smash themselves into smithereens behind you. Created by me, Isaac Lim and Ronald Lai for a one week Javascript programming assignment.

Line By Line

Unleash your creativity and inner artist and conquer all 20+ levels in this puzzle game by drawing lines across the screen and interacting with them. Designed and programmed by me as a final term project for my Introduction to Programming class.

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe


Social Apps:

Social Stitch

Tired of wading through the barrage of status updates, emo song lyrics and irrelevant postings that make up most of your facebook feed, but still wanting to view the interesting videos and photos posted by your friends? Wish there was some way you could collate the images, photos and videos from your Facebook, Youtube and Instagram feeds all in one place? Want to achieve world peace and everlasting harmony for all? If you don’t mind 2 out of 3, this is probably the web app for you. Created once again in collaboration with Isaac Lim and Ronald Lai for a 15-237 homework project.

Note: This app was never really fully user tested so bugs are probably abound. If you’re just looking to waste a good afternoon away watching videos from your Facebook and Youtube feeds though (which is what I usuallse it for) it’s fine.

Data Visualizations:

World Bank Developmental Indicators Visualization

This data visualization uses data from the World Bank to chart a country’s relative developmental progress over the years 2000-2013. Developmental factors are grouped together in subsets such as Education, Population and Economy, and visualized in terms of the chosen country’s percentile ranking amongst all other countries with data values for that year.

US Births Visualization


Just For Fun:

Singlishfier (Still Under Development)

Reading Speed Test/Increaser

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